Moral stories

A little fish

A little fish

Once a fisherman lived in a village near a river. He earned his bread by catching fish from the river. One day his luck did not favour him. He sat on the bank of.the river till evening but could not catch any fish. Hopelessly he drew his net to finish his work. He saw something moving in the net. He opened the net and caught a little fish. 
The fish was really very small. "Please sir," said the fish, "Throw me back into the river. I am very small now and no good to you. But, after a year or so, I shall grow much bigger. Then you can catch me." The fisherman said, "No doubt, you will grow larger, but I shall not perhaps be able to catch you again:" He, therefore, put the fish into his basket and took to his home. His wife cooked it nicely and both ate it with boiled rice. 
A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. 
Something is better than nothing.


Donkey with load

Once a poor man lived in a certain village. He had a donkey. He used to bring salt from the town to his village. There was a stream on the way. One day the donkey slipped and fell down into the water. Its master helped it to stand up. It took him enough time to make it stand. Meanwhile, a lot of salt was dissolved . The donkey was delighted to find the load lighter than before. 
 The next day when the donkey was crossing the same stream, it fell down into the stream intentionally ) and thus made his load lighter as before. The master was a clever man, he understood the trick and decided to teach it a lesson. 
The next time he loaded it with two small bales of cotton. When it reached the midstream it played the same trick and sat down. But when it got up a few minutes later it found the load much heavier. It could not walk under the heavy weight. It was sorry for what it had done. It repented over its folly and never sat in the stream again. Moral: Rod is the logic of the fools. 
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