Letters to father

Write a letter to your father explaining him the cause of your failure in the examination. 

 Examination Hall, 
 City A.B.C. 
March 29, 2014.
 My dear Father,
 I hope my letter will find you in the best of your health. I am O.K. also. You might have received my result card of December test. I am awfully sorry that I failed in English and Economics. But dear father, I am not much to blame. 
As you know just before the test I fell ill and could not make preparation for the examination properly. So I cut a sorry figure in the test. Now I am all right. I have started to make up my deficiency. I assure you that in annual examination I shall win some distinction. I hope you will excuse me. 
 With love. - 
Your’s affectionately, 
 Roll No. X.Y.Z 

 Write a letter to your father requesting him to give you permission to spend your holidays with your friends. 

 Examination Hall, 
 City A.B.C. 
29th March , 2014. 
 My dear Father, - 
I received your kind letter yesterday. Thanks God, that all of you are all right at home. I am writing this letter to seek your permission. Two friends of mine are going to Swat in coming holidays. They have asked me to join their company. I also want to see the natural beauty of this charming valley. 
I shall be very thankful if you kindly allow me to go with them. I promise you that I shall not give you any chance of complain.
 Your’s affectionate son, 
 Roll No. X.Y.Z. 

Write a letter to your father telling him your first impression about a  University. 

University of Punjab


Examination Hall, 
 City A.B.C.
 June 25, 2009. 
 My dear Father, 
 I am sorry that I could not write to you earlier though it is a week since I am here in  University. Dear father, it is quite a strange experience for me. It is entirely a different world. The building is excellent. The class rooms are neat and clean. The professors are regular and punctual. My class fellows and other workers in department are also very co-operative.I am trying my best to take position in the exams.
There is increasing confidence in my persomality day by day. Our teachers talk with us in friendly environment. They give us respect .Dear father, you need not to worry about me. The training  which you have given to me, always guides me. Please give my regards to mother.
 Your’s affectionately. 
 Roll No. X.Y.Z.
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