Write an application to the Principal of your college requesting him to permit you to change your subject. 

 The Principal, 
Govt. College, City 
 I am a student of first year of your college. I took up pre-medical group. After a month's study I came to know that the subject of biology is beyond my comprehension. It is also not upto my taste.
 I tried my best to understand it but in vain. I have a natural bent of mind to Mathematics. My parents have also allowed me to change the subject. So sir, I may kindly be allowed to take up Mathematics in place of Biology. 
I shall be grateful to you for this act of kindness.
 Yours obediently, 
 Roll No. 

 An application to the Principal of your College, requesting him for one month’s leave. 

 The Principal, 
Government College,
Sir, I have been feeling unwell for the past so many days. Dr. Muhammad Asghar, M.B.B.S., who has been treating me, allowed me to attend the college in the beginning, but now he is of the view that complete rest is essential for the restoration of my health. Consequently he has recommended one month’s rest. I, therefore, reque'st you that I may kindly be granted one month’s leave. The doctor’s certificate is attached. 
 Yours obediently, 
 Roll No. 158 II Year 
Roll No.X.Y.Z.
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