Three moral stories


Fox and grapes

It was a hot summer day. A fox was feeling very hungry. He went out in search of food. He wandered about here and there but found nothing to eat. He continued his effort. At last he reached an orchard. There he saw some ripe grapes hanging from a vine. His mouth began to water. He jumped at them but could not reach them. He jumped for the second time, but the.result was the same. He tried again and again but it was all in vain. He was tired and disappointed. He gave up the attempt and left orchard with heavy heart. But, to keep up appearances, he said, "The grapes are sour and are not at all 
Moral: ' 
1- People pretend to dislike what they cannot get.
 2- The grapes are sour.



Hare and tortoise

Once there lived a hare and a tortoise in the Ravi Park. The hare was very proud of hie speed. He always laughed at the slow speed of the tortoise. One day the tortoise said to him, "No doubt, I am slow but' I can defeat you in a race." The hare laughed to hear this and challenged the tortoise to run a race. The tortoise accepted the challenge. 
A distant tree was fixed as the winning post and the race began. The hare ran as fast as he could. Before long he was out of sight. On the way the hare saw cool shade of trees.'He thought, "The tortoise is far behind. I should take a rest for a while." He lay down under the shade of trees and was soon fast asleep. 
The tortoise moved on slowly and steadily. On the way he saw the hare sleeping but he did not stop. At last he reached the winning post. . ‘ The hare woke up at sunset. Thinking that the tortoise was still far behind, he ran very fast. 
When he reached the winning post, he was greatly astonished to see the tortoise sitting there. The ' tortoise said to him, "I am slow but I have defeated you in a race." He had no answer. After that he never made fun of the tortoise. 
1- Slow and steady wins the race. 
 2- Never laugh at others. 
3- Pride' hath a fall.


Wolf and lamb

Once 'a.hungry wolf was drinking water at a stream. He caught sight of a lamb drinking - water far down. He was filled with joy. His mouth watered and he decided to eat it up. He went up to it and said very angrily, "Why are you making the water muddy? Don’t you see that I m drinking water there?" " The poor little lamb began to tremble. 
But it summed up its courage and” replied, "Please, sir, the water is flowirjg from you to me. How can I make it dirty." , " The wolf was more angry. He growled, "Why did you call me names last year?" The lamb replied trembling, "You. are mistaken, sir. I am hardly six months old. I was not even born last year." "Then it must be your mother.", saying this he jumped upon unfortunate lamb and tore it to pieces. 
Any excuse is good enough for an evil-doer.

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