Hitch-Hiking Across The Sahara 

The Sahara of North Africa Is much bigger than great Britain. The sand becomes very hot during the day. There are few water-wells and little vegetation. This is the land where no person would think of hitch hiking. . Yet a young boy, Robert Christopher, decided to cross the Sahara in 1956.Christopher was born in America. He started his journey from a little town Boussndn in Algiers.

Sahara (Largest desert)

 He arranged for a lift in a truck with only  two persons on board, the driver and the greaser. The temperature was so high that in two hours a flask of cold water became hot enough to make tea. Now a military vehicle overtook them. Christopher was allowed a lift in it. He was dropped at the town of Ghardala. From hero Christopher got a seat in a truck going to El Golua.The driver told him how three Englishmen attempting to cross the desert had met their death. 
On the second morning, they found that one of their two water bags had burst during the night. So they went In search of water. Christopher was miserable with thirst. Fortunately, they found a well of cool water. Then they reached Ef Golea. On his way to In Salah, Christopher fainted . When he recovered, his companions gave him as much water as he could drink. 
Then they reached In Salah, a town, being swallowed by the desert. From here the hero of the desert succeeded in taking a seat in another truck. They reached Tamanrasset. Now he started on the 800-mile journey to Timbuktu. 
Christopher had learnt tb ride a camel. He started his journey with his guide Boubaker, each on a camel Later Christopher joined a small group. They could find no water. They slaughtered a camel and quenched their thirst with the greenish fluid1. The sand dunes^0 were burning. There blew a fjerce storm Christopher had a narrow escape from a four-foot snake. 
A day later he reached Timbuktu. It was the end of his marn journey. He wished to see more of the desert before returning home He sent telegram to Professor Balanguernon in Tamanrasset asking him to meet him at a well near In Abbangarit. The professor was to continue going towards Agades if Christopher did not reach the well by a certain day.
 Christopher flew to Agades and then travelled north partly by jeep and partly by camel. The caravan24/ He was travelling with had to leave the road to get water from, a well at some distance It look them two days to get back to the road. 
At last Christopher reached the appointed place, in Abbangarit and waitedtfor the professor. Here he had the shock of his life. The well had water but it was 150 feet below He had no rope and no bucket lev get the water. That night he lay in his sleeping ban thinking of certain death by thirst and hunger if the professor did not arrive In a day or two.
 He wished to-record his last thoughts on his recording machine. Then suddenly he realized that his recorder had 1000 feet of thin wire. He cut the wire into seven pieces and twisted them into ; fairly strong rope. He tied a small teapot to the rope and succeeded " bringing up some water. It was no enough but it would save him from death by thirst.
 The next day, the desert patrol cars reached him. A little later the professor arrived with a friend. Christopher was saved from dying of  hunger.

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