Achievements of Mustafa Kamal

 Mustafa Kamal was a great patriot. He was against the foreign occupation of his beloved land. He did not like the Turkish King co-operating with the Allies.

Mustafa kamal







Mustafa Kamal Travel to Anatolia

 Mustafa Kamal got a golden opportunity to arouse the Turkish people when he was sent to Anatolia by the King to put down the rebellion against him. On reaching Anatolia, Mustafa Kamal had a secret meeting with the Commander of the Ottoman Army there. Both the patriots chalked out a plan to defeat the Greek invaders and to free their country.

  Mustafa Kamal raised national army

Mustafa travelled from village to village and raised a National Army of Patriots. He also set up a National Government at Ankara which was the real representative of free Turkey. He had lighted the -flame of patriotism in the hearts of Turkish men and women. 

 Mustafa Kamal Invited king to fight 

As soon as the King heard of the activities of Mustafa Kamal, he ordered him to return to Istanbul. But Mustafa, in his reply, invited the King to come over to Anatolia and himself lead the war against the Greeks. All the leading patriots had escaped to Anatolia and joined Mustafa Kamal. 

Fight between Turks and Greeks

There was a fierce fight between the Greeks and the Turks for fourteen days in which the Turks came out victorious. They reconquered Izmir. The king went Into exile in a British ambulance. It was the end of an age. On the 29th October, 1923, The Turkish Republic with Mustafa Kamal as the President and General Ismat Inonu as the Prime Minister was founded. 

Mustafa Kamal introduced basic reforms 

Mustafa Kamal introduced basic reforms. 
1-Turkish language was simplified.
2- It was declared that everybody will have to get education. 
3-Roman script was adopted. 
4-The women were asked to take part in nation building. 
5-The banking system was reorganized.
6- Factories and Industries were installed . 
7-The Turks travelled in a few years the road .

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  1. The right to be elected and selection of women. It is better to express it like that instead of number four.