Moral stories


Ass in lion's skin

Once an ass went to a jungle. There he found the skin of a lion. He put it on him and began to loiter into the woods . Seeing the other animals of the jungle frightened and ran away, the ass in disguise became very proud. 
He began to think as if he was the master of the jungle. His joy knew no bounds the when he thought of his such position again and again. He was roaming vainly when suddenly he came across with his master. He tried to frighten him also and began to bray. His master at once recognised him and caught him. 
He took off the lion's skin and beat him severely . The ass came to his senses . He repented over his mischief. No doubt, he was dressed in lion's skin but after all he was no more than an ass.  
  • A false show leads certainly to miserable end. 
  • Never pretend to be what you are not. 

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