Moral stories 

Camel and Arab

Once an Arab was passing through a desert. It was winter season. In the evening, he pitched his tent to pass the night in comfort .He tied his camel with a rope to a peg outside the tent and lay down in his bed. At midnight, the camel began to shiver with cold. He opened the door and said, "It is very cold outside. 
Camel and Arab

Please, kindly let me put my head inside the tent. The Arab allowed him to do so. After sometime the camel requested, "May I put my neck in as it is very cold outside." The Arab permitted him again. After a while the camel requested his master to permit him to put his forelegs inside the tent. 
The Arab did not object even to that. Now he wanted to come in altogether .He, therefore, said, "It would be better if I come inside so that the door may be shut." The Arab agreed to the proposal. The camel came inside altogether.
 The tent was too small for the camel and his master. He, therefore, said, "You see, the tent is too-small for both of us. It would be better if you go out." The next moment, the camel pushed him out side the tent by saying that space is only for one person. 
Give him an inch, and he’ll take a mile. 
Nip the evil in the bud. 

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