"The snare" by James Stephen 

   About author (James stephen)

James Stephen

James Stephen was born on 9 february 1880.He was an Irish poet.He also wrote many novels. He was called as Tiny tim by his classfellows.He learned Irish language in 1900 and wrote many fairy tales in Irish language.By 1912 he was a dedicated Irish Republican. He was a very good writer .He wrote every thing in very impressive way. His book " Crock of Gold" was very popular.His first book of poems was "Insurrections". In 1933 he went to America for lectures. Every year he went their for lectures..He got many awards. In 1942 he was awarded British Civil List Pension. He died in 26 December 1950 in Everleigh.

 The snare(poem)

I hear a sudden cry of pain! 
There is a rabbit in a snare: 
Now I hear the cry again, 
But I cannot tell from where.
 But I cannot tell from where
 He is calling out for aid! 
Crying on the frightened air, 
Making everything afraid! 
Making everything afraid! 
Wrinkling up his little face!
 And he cries again for aid; -
 and I cannot find the place! 
And I cannot find the place
 Where his paw is in the snare! 
Little One! Oh, Little One!
 I am searching everywhere! 
 And I cannot find the place 
Where his paw is in the snare: 
 Little One! Oh, little one! 
 I am searching everywhere!

Explaination of poem(The snare)

 In "The Snare" John Stephens describes the condition of a sensitive man when sees the sufferings of the innocent and the helpless. Perhaps the poem gives expression to an experience he had in childhood  which he has never been able to forget. The poet hears a sudden cry of pain. Somewhere a rabbit is caught in a trap. The cry comes again and again but he cannot guess from where it is coming. In his imagination he can see the little rabbit, its paw caught In the trap and It's face twisted In pain.
 But he cannot find the place. The rabbit’s cries grow louder and louder till the whole atmosphere is filled with pain and fright. The poet searches everywhere but he cannot find the crying rabbit. The poem raises certain questions. 
Why is there pain and cruelty in the world? 
Why do the innocent and the weak suffer? 
Why cannot we remove pain? 
These are the questions every child asks and every sensitive man asks. 
This poem expresses the poet's sympathy for all those who are in pain and trouble. The poet hears a sudden cry of rabbit caught in a trap. The poet wants to help him but he is unable to do so.  The poet expresses his helplessness in finding out the place where the rabbit has been caught in the snare. He expresses his sympathy for the poor little creature. He searches for it everywhere but is unable to find it. The poet sees the mankind suffering from many woes but he finds himself unable to offer any help.

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