Co-education means the education of boys and girls together. In recent years some of our colleges have adopted this system. Some people favour this system and want to introduce it in all schools and colleges. They say that this system is very useful. 
They give many arguments in support of their view. Their main argument is that in country like Pakistan it is impossible to maintain separate.in stitutions. Therefore, co-education should be adopted and the existing colleges and schools should be opened to girls. 
The supporters of co-education also say that in a progressive  society, men and women should come closer. Co-education would provide an opportunity to the young men and women to understand each other. This would be very helpful to them in their future life. It would also be good for the progress of the country. 
Another argument is that Co-education would raise the standard of education, because it will promote competition among boys and girls.  In fact, the supporters of co-education talk of its benefits in such a manner as if it were the only road to heaven. Boys and girls have to live together in society,it will create a sence of healthy competiton among them.In this manner they will not feel shy in the presence of boys. The boys will also not tease the girls.
Again if they are taught together ,it will create a sense of healthy competition among them.In this manner  they will work hard and pay serious attention to their studies. 
A feeling of comeradeship will also develop between boys and girls.The boys will not indulge in eve teasing and the girls will not be afraid of the boys.Thus they will have a balanced  development of their personality.
It is also a common experience that boys behave decently in the company of girls.They donot use rough and abusive language in the presence of girls.They also dress properly and talk mannerly.The girls study with boys inthe same school or college can work withthem in factories and offices.
A little thought would expose the hollowness of these arguments. Everyone who has visited even a couple of colleges and schools, knows that all of our institutions are frightfully overcrowded. The girls school and colleges, too, are overcrowded. Hundreds of new educational institutions are needed.
 If some of these are reserved for girls, it would be cost more to the government. If the number of girls student, were small, then the consideration of economy could have been partly  valid.The second argument, too, is false.If young men and women cannot understand each other in their homes and families, then they would not be able to do so in the college: Why is it that one feels that one can understand the fair fellow only if one meets one’s neighbour’s daughter? The system of co-education will not raise educational standards. 
Temptation of flirting is stronger than the urge for reading textbooks. Co-education will create many problems not only for the students but also for the teachers. Temptation does not distinguish between the students and the teachers. The real reason why some people support co-education is that they like advance countries. But we have to consider whether our religion, our culture, our circumstances allow us to adopt co-education. Certainly not. 
If co-education was inevitable one would agree to it. But it is not a unnecessary evils. And there is no reason that we should patronize everything with a foreign name.Or young man and woman need education and not co-education.

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