He Came to Know himself (poem) with explaination

This Poem is writtten by Sachal Sarmast.

Sachal Sarmast (Poet)









About Author (Sachal Sarmast)

Sachal Sarmast was born in Draza near Rani pur in Sindh on 1739. He was a great Sufi poet . His poetry is sung by many famous singers . His poetry is ful of life and its realities.He loves God and his poetry shows it. He remained live in his village Draza. His real name was Abdul Wahab. Sachal was his pen name. 
His father died in his child hood.He was cared by his uncle after it. He married with his uncle's daughter.But she died after two years of marriage.He never again married.He died in 1829.His largest tomb is in Draza village.Many people come there for fatiha.

He came to know him self (Poem)

He came to know Himself 
 Naught else had He in view 
 To be able to realize this 
 He got enmeshed in love
 He alighted from high heaven 
To pour a cascade of love
 Became Mansur to mount the gallows 
Just to have His head cut off.
 He treaded the bazaars of Egypt
 Just to be sold for a slave
 Sachu speaks the bare Truth 
To speak of His sojourn on earth.
Explaination of poem (He came to know himself)
 This poem stresses the need of self-realization. The knowledge of self-realization leads to God’s love. A person forgets everything when he loves God. He even becomes Mansur in His love or gets ready to be sold as a slave. This poem  express the need of self-realization. The poet says that who comes to know himself actually he comes to know God. When a person starts realizing God, he forgets other things, finds no charm in them and entrusts himself to God’s love. This poem stresses the need of self-realization. 
The purpose of his life becomes to love God and to spread His love and glory to other. He actually is born to pour love on earth. He knows nothing except God’s love. He even becomes Mansur who sacrificed himself in the way of God. He does not care for his life. God’s love becomes more true.
A person becomes ignorant to all other things when he loves God. The main purpose of his life is just to obey and please God. He even does not care for his life. He is ready to be sold as a slave. He walks in the bazaars of Egypt.
 He becomes a God's lover in true meanings. The poet says that wherever he stays on earth for a short period, he preaches God's love and glory. God's love is the only truth on earth. One who knows himself and also that" he is a wonderful thing created by the Creator, God, cannot have a view of anything else except God Almighty. 
He starts loving Him, Who blesses him with great love. In such state of affairs every other thing becomes useless and like Mansur, he feels pleased and is willing to be hanged on the gallows to get his head’ cut off only for the Love of His beloved, God. The poet thinks that a person's stay on earth is temporary. It is better for a man to have been loved. The union of soul with another soul through the chemistry of love is the highest mystic truth.

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