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Lahore board

Lahore Board (Inter Part - 2) 2012

Subject: Biology                   (Obj. Type)                      Paper-I 
 Time Allowed: 20 Minutes                             Max. Marks: 17 
      Note: Four possible answers A, B, C and D to each 
     question are given. The choice which you think is correct, 
     fill that circle in front of that question with Marker or Pen ink.
      Cutting or filling two or more circles will result in zero 
     mark in that question. Write the letter A. B, C or D in the 
     column (write correct option) against each question also. 
     If there is a contradiction in the bubble and hand writien 
      answer, bubble option will be considered correct. 
  1.  It is applied to Rubber plant to stimulate flow of Latex:                 (A) Abscisic-acid (B) Gibberellin (C) Ethene                  (D) Auxin 
  2. Polyhydroxy butyrate is called:                                                         (A) Antithrombin ill (B) Nutra Sweet (C) Biodegradable            plastic  (D) Luciferin 
  3. Which one produced in excess then leads to abnormal development called acromegaly:                                                   (A) TSH (B) ACTH (C) MSH (D) STH. 
  4. Individual with Klinefelter's syndrome have sex          chromosome as following:                                                                  (A) XO (B) XXO (C) XXY (D) XXXY 
  5. Major homeostatic function of lirefris storage of:                      (A) Bile (B) Cholesterol (C) Urea (D) Iron 
  6. Somites are formed and organized by:                                                                                                      (A) Ectoderm (B) Mesoderm. (C) Endoderm                            (D) Blastoderm 
  7. It is not fossilized fuel:                                                               (A) Lignite (B) Peat (C) Warural gas (D) Oil 
  8. Essay on the principle of population was published by:               (A) Darwin (B) Wallace (C) Linnaeus (D) Malthus 
  9. Crustacean with a spiny projection on these planktonn      creatures help to keep them from sinking:                                 (A) Porpoise (B) Whale (C) Copepod (D) Bobcat 
  10. Bat do not regulate body temperature in narrow rangeis:(A)Endotherm (B) Homeotherm (C) Heterotherm (D) Poikilotherm  
  11.  Ovovivipanty is shown by:                                                         (A) Reptile (B) Bird (C) Duck bill platypus (D) Human 
  12. A succulent plant have water stored in tissue:                                (A) Cacti (B) Moss (C) Yarrow (D) Spruce 
  13.  A gene starts with initiation codon, which encodes the amin acid methionine:                                                                                     (A) UAA (B) UAG (C) AUG (D) UGG 
  14. Bobbed gene in Drosophila is present on:                                     (A) X chromosome (B) Y chromosome (C) Both on X             (D) Autosome 
  15.  A bone which connects scapula with sternum:                              (A) Humerus (B) Ischium (C) Pubis (D) Clavicle 
  16. Which one secretes liquid to protect and nourish sperm cells    (A) Corpus lutcum (B) Sertoli cells (C) Placenta (D) 
  17. Epididymis Action of Venus fly trap is an example of:              (A) Nyctinasty (B) Haptonasty (C) Hyponasty (D) Photonasty 

 Lahore Board (Inter Part - 2) 2012

Subject: Biology                   ( Essay.type)                  Paper-I           
 Total Marks: 68                     Group-I    Time Allowed:2:40 Hrs.      

Write short answers to any EIGHT (8) questions:               16 
  1. Write structural formulae of urea and uric acid. 
  2. Differentiate between xerophytes and mesophytes plants. 
  3. What are poikilothenns? Give one example. 
  4. Characterize collenchyma cells. 
  5. What is axial skeleton? 
  6. Define the process of ecdysis. 
  7. What is difference between CNS and PNS? 
  8. Explain imprinting. 
  9. What is epilepsy? 
  10. How estrous cycle is different from menstrua] cycle? 
  11.  Define vernalisation, 
  12. What are voviviparous? Give an example. 
        Write short answers to any EIGHT (8) questions .16 
  1.  Define recombination frequency. Give its importance. 
  2. Define linkage groups by giving example. 
  3.  How does ABO incompatibility protect the developing baby against Rh- incompatibility? 
  4. Give the concept of fixed alleles- 
  5. Define genetic drift 
  6.  Define homologous organs by giving example. 
  7. Defne biogeochemical cycles . 
  8. Give the significance of predation. 
  9. Write brief note on secondary succession. 
  10. Give main causes water pollution. 
  11.  Give importance of solid wastes. 
  12. Describe abuses of land 
       Write short answers to any SIX (6) questions : 12 
  1. Differentiate between somatic and splanchnic 
  2. State role of grey vegetal and grey equatorial cytoplasm. 
  3.  Enlist different shapes of chromosomes. 
  4. What is the importance of a bivalent formation? 
  5. State point mutation with example. 
  6.  Enlist non-sense codons and their function. 
  7. Give three possible ways to get the gene of interest. 
  8. Describe animal life of grass land ecosystem. 
  9. What is composition of air of terrestrial ecosystem? 
                                (SECTION - II) 
Note: Attempt any THREE questions. 
(a) What are joints? Describe their types.                        (4)
(b) Write a note on evolution from prokaryotes to eukaryotes. (4)
(a) Write down (he structure of a nephron.                       (4)
(b) What is incomplete dominance? Explain it with an example. (4)
(a) Give a comprehensive comparison between sexual and asexual 
      reproduction.                     (4)
(b) Write a note on ozone layer depletion.                (4 )
(a) Describe the role of auxins.                (4) 
(b) Write about necrosis and apoptosis.       (4) 
(a) Discuss the genetics of ABO blood group system.           (4) 
(b) Give uses and misuses of agrochemicals.                   (4)

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