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Lahore Board (Inter Part - 2) 2013

Subject: Biology                   (Obj. Type)                      Paper-I  
 Total Marks: 17                     Group-1       Time Allowed: 20 Min . 
      Note: Four possible answers A, B, C and D to each question
     are given. The choice which you think is correct, fill that 
     circle in front of that question with Marker or Pen ink. 
     Cutting or tilling two or more circles will result in zero 
     mark in that question.

  1. The vesicle forming phragmoplast originate during :                (A)Prophase (B) Interphase (C) Metaphase (D) Telophase  
  2. The armored mammal that live only in America is :                        (A) Echidna (B) Pangolin (C) Porcupine (D) Armadillo 
  3. The problem in which contraction of entire muscle takes place     and it lasts for just a few second to several hours is :                     (A) Tetanus (B) Tetany (C) Cramp (D) Muscle fatigue 
  4. The succession in pond is called :                                                  (A) Derosere (B) Xerosere (C) Hydrosere (D) Mesosere  
  5. Which ceils secrete testosterone :                                                    (A) Prostrate gland (B) Seminal vesicle (C) Interstitial cells    (D)Follicle cells                                                                              
  6. Drifting or floating microscoping animals and plants are called :   (A) Plankton (B) Cyanobacteria (C) Fungi (D) Mammals 
  7. The smaller number of a cells in pancreas secrete                                                                                                (A) Insulin (B) Glucagon (C) Antidiuretic hormone (D) Water 
  8. Which part of brain monitor the body temperature :                       (A) Thaiamus (B) Pons (C) Hypothalamus (D) Amygdala 
  9. About 50% cases of MODY are caused by mutations in :              (A) Kinase gene (B) Galactoxinase gene Glucokinase gene           (D) Proteinase 
  10. Children with severe combined immunodeficiency syndrome  (SCID) lack enzyme :                                                                      (A) Adenosine deaminase(ADA)          (B)L.H                              (C) FSH                          (D)  Vasopressin 
  11.  At the cephalic end of primitive streak, closely packed cells         form local thickening known as:                                                (A) Primitive gut (B) Primitive ridges (C) Hensen's node              (D) Splanchnic mesoderm 
  12. The joint that aliows the movement in two directions :                  (A) Hinge joint                           (B) Ball and socket joint              (C) Cartilaginous joint        (D) Fibrous joint 
  13. Which hormone is necessary for 'fruit set                                        (A) Auxins (B) Gibberellins (C) Cytokinins (D) Ethene 
  14.  Lack of vasopressin hormone causes                                            (A)Diabetes mellitus   (B)  Diabetes insipidus                               (C) Parkinson's disease (D) Addison's disease 
  15. After every 200 nucleotide, the DNA duplex is coiled around       a core of eight histone proteins forming a complex known as :      (A) Polysome (B) Nucleosome (C) Heterochromatin                    (D) Euchromatin                                                                            
  16. Stone monuments are being eroded due to stone cancer by :          (A) Green house effect (B) Acid rain (C) Ozone depletion            (D) Global warming   
  17. Metabolism of purine and pyrimidine produces significance amount of:                                                                                        (A) Creatinine (B) Creatine Xanthine Trimethvlamine oxide

 Lahore Board (Inter Part - 2) 2013 

Subject: Biology                   ( Sub.type)                  Paper-I           
 Total Marks: 68                     Group-II   Time Allowed:2:40 Hrs.      

Q:1 Write short answers to any EIGHT (8) questions :               16 
  1. Define homeostasis. Give its importance. 
  2.  Explain the process of panting with example 
  3. What is ADH and how does it function? 
  4. Discuss two main types of cartilage. 
  5. Differentiate between passive flight and active flight. 
  6. What is Rickets? Give its causes and cure 
  7. What are Gastrin and Secretin? 
  8. Write symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. 
  9. Give the names of four factors affecting gene frequency. 
  10. Define Hardy Weinberg Theorem and give its equation in the      form of binomial expansion.                                              
  11. Differentiate between Autecology and Synecology.                    
  12. Define commensalism with the help of an example.                    Write short answers to any EIGHT (8. questions : 16        
  1. Differentiate between identical twins and fraternal twins.
  2. Name the types of plants according to photoperiodism.
  3. Write down at least two important measures to prevent AIDS.
  4. What is primary organizer and inducer substances?
  5. Define gastrulation in chick.
  6. Define meristem, name its types on the basis of position. 
  7. What is phosphodieste linkage Draw structural formula  
  8. Differentiate between chromosomal aberration and point mutation.      
  9. What is the effect of human impact on Tundra Ecosystem?
  10. Characterize littoral zone of fresh water lakes.                         
  11. What is acid rain                                                                               
  12. What are renewable resources? Give an example                     
      Write short answers to any SIX (6) questions :12 
  1. What is metastasis and its importance?
  2. What happens during metaphase ?                                                  
  3. How Turner's syndrome is caused and give its features  
  4. What is pleiotropy and its example?
  5. What are linkage groups and give their number in human beings
  6. What are compound sex chromosomes and their example
  7. Mention the role of Lambda phage during recombinant DNA technology   
  8. What is role of suicide gene in transgenic bacteria?
  9. What is Biodegradable Plastic and its origin.
Note : Attempt any THREE questions. 
Q:(a) What is excretion? How do plants excrete their wastes? (4) 
(b) Describe Watson-Crick Model of DNA in detail.   (4)  
(a) Explain about the exoskeleton ir Arthropods. (4)
(b) Describe about the interphase of cell cycle. (4)
(a) Describe role of Abscisic Acid and ethene in plant growth. 4 
(b) What is Epistasis? Explain it with example  Bombay 
      Phenotype. (4)
(a) Write a short note on "Tissue culturing and cloning". 
(b) Explain "Deforestation and Afforestation".  
(a) What is Aging? Explain this process.  
(b) Write a note on "Tundra Ecosystem". 

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