God's Attributes (poem )with explaination

This poem is written by Jalaluddin Rumi

Jalaluddin Rumi

About author (Jalaluddin Rumi) 
Rumi was born in bulkh (Persia) in 12 september 1207 A.D. His parents were persian speaking.,Rumi's father was known as the sultan of scholars..When Mongoles attacked on central Asia ,his family migrated to
westward.First they went to Nishapur.After staying sometime they went to Baghdad ,then to Hijaz and performed pilgrimage.Then they went to Damascus, Malatya, Erzincan, Sivas, Kayseri and Nigde and finally settled in Karaman.They stayed there for seven years.His brother and mother died in Karaman.
In 1928 he came in Antolia (Turkey) and became Islamic Mulvi of  (Madrassa) .Madrassa was an religious school.During this period he went to Damascus and meet there religious scholar Dervaish Shams-e Tabrizi .After meeting himhis life totally changed and he became ascetic.
He died in 17 december1273.His shrine is in  Konya, Sultanate of Rum (present-day Turkey).

God's Attributes (poem )

God calls Himself ‘Seeing’ to the end that
His eye may scare you from sinning.
God calls Himself ‘Hearing’ to the end that
You may close your lips against foul discourse.
God calls Himself ‘Knowing’ to the end that
You may be afraid of Him to plot an evil.
These are not mere accidental names of God
As a Negro may be called camphor;
So are these names derived from God’s attributes,
And not mere vain titles of the first cause.

Explaination of poem (God's Attributes )

When God calls Himself All Seeing, it restrains a person from doing wrong and when God calls Himself All Hearing, it checks a person from using foul language. Knowing God’s attributes makes a man afraid of plotting an evil against other man.It creats fear in our heart and we stepback from sin and crime.He is hearing every thing even when we think in our mind and whisper sin our hearts make us fearful of loathsome .
Human beings may be  dignified and have great qualities but they can not be compared God's beautiful and blessed attributes.
Romi said." These are not mere accidental names of God as a Negro may be called camphor .So these are names derived from God’s attributes.

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