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Compulsory English



                     ALLMA IQBAL OPEN UNIVERSITY 

Level BA/BS               Code : 1423          Semester Autumn 2009
Paper Compulsory English 1                     Maximum marks :100
 Time allowed :3 hours                              Pass marks :40

(a). Giving suggestion (b) Seeking suggestion (c) Expressing wonder (d) Expressing uncertainty (e) Seeking confirmation (f) Expressing disagreement (g) Giving permission. 
Read the job advertisements given below and then write a job application for any one of the given posts. 
Situation Vacant: Chemistry Teacher 
Required Qualification: M.Sc in Chemistry 
Required Experience: Minimum two years experience.
 Send your applications to 
P.O Box 347 Lahore. 
 Situation Vacant: Guest House Manager
 Required Qualification: MBA with good communication skills. Required Experience: Two years relevant experience. 
Send your applications to 
Capital Guest House, G-8 Markaz, ISLAMABAD.             (05)
Change the following active voice sentences into passive voice. (Attempt any Five) 
(a) People must not leave bicycles in the hall.
(b). The students made these artificial flowers. 
(c) Who wrote this letter? 
(d) My brother will help me in my homework. 
(e) We will not admit children under sixteen. 
(f) The mob broke all the shop windows. 
(g) Finally he posted the letter. 
There are two situations given below. Please select any one of the situations and write an informal letter. You want to get a book of history for reading from your old friend who is living in another city.
Inviting your friend to spend his holidays with you. 
Change the following sentences from direct speech into indirect speech. (Attempt any five). 
 (a) I said to him, “I have something to show you''.
 (b) She said, "Nothing grows in my garden''. 
(c) He said, "I will sit here until they come.” 
(d) They said to me, "We will always help you." 
 (e) The teacher said, "What happened to Sohail.” 
(f) Ali said to me, “Shut the door, please.” 
 (g) They said to him, “We have got two cars.” 
Make appropriate questions by using What. Where, Why, When. How in the blanks. (Attempt any Five) 
(a).............. should I visit you? 
(b)...........Tell me the time, 
(c) .............can,she learn drive? 
(d).......... ia your idea about having a new car? 
(e)............ is she blaming everything on them.
(f) ............ will they park their car. 
(g)............. all the birds have gone? 
Write an informative paragraph of about 56 words on one of the following topics. 
(a) Load-shedding 
(b) Discipline 
(c) Smokmg 
(d) Importance of History 
 Fill in the blanks by using past form of the verb given in the brackets. (Attempt any five) 
(a) 1.............. to tell him the news.(forget)
 (b) She............... down and picked up the book, (kneel) 
 (c). The soldier........... (lose) 
(d)The Titanic ........... in three days, (sink) 
 (e)The children..........the ball to one another, (throw) 
(f). He........... his hand, (raise) 
(g) The father Ultimately..........him (forgive) 
 Read the following passage and answer the questions given at the end. 
Now a days people keep their most precious possessions in steel safes or leave them for safety in the strong rooms of their banks. In the old days, however, before banks and strong room came into existences, people, who wanted to keep safe anything they treasured, dug up the ground when nobody was looking and buried the stuff. Then, when they needed it again, they dug it out. As in many other ways, Man was here - perhaps without knowing it - only imitating Nature. For, long before Man emerged Nature had hidden underground the most precious of her products. Thousands of years later, when man was groping in the darkness of his own ignorance for means with which to raise himself from the level of the beasts, he stumbled - now here, now there - upon those hidden treasures. At first he blinked with wonder and bewilderment, but sooner or later, he found out ways of making use of what he discovered - whether it was glittering and beautiful like gold and diamonds, or dull and grimy like iron and coal, or fluid tike petroleum. 
(a) What did people use to do with their precious possessions in
      the past? 
(b) How did man imitate Nature?
 (c) What do you understand by .groping in the darkness”?
 (d) What did man do at first when he discovered Nature's  
 (e) Which kinds of treasure do lie hidden in Nature? (f) Suggest a suitable title for this passage.
 (g) Write a summary of the passage in about five sentences. 05

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