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                          Part 1 --- 2011 

Time : 3 hrs Paper 1                                                Marks:100 

                                        Classical Poetry 

NOTE: Attempt any FOUR questions including question No.l which is COMPULSORY. All questions carry equal marks.
 Q. I. Explain with reference to the context any FOUR of the following: 
 As virtuous me passe mildly away. 
And whisper to their soules, to goe. 
Whilst some of their sail friends do say, 
The breath goes now, and some, say no.
And use my life in quietness each dele, 
Unknown in court that hath the wonton toys: 
The faithful wife,without debate: 
Such slees as may begulle the night: 
Content thyself with thine estate. 
Neither wish death, nor fear his might. 
Great chirce made our boost us everichon, 
And the sopcr sctte he us anon. 
And serve us with vitallc at the bcste: Strong was the wyn and wel to drynke us Icste. 
Oft, when the world imagine women stray, 
The sylphs through mystic mazes guide their way. 
Through all the giddy circle they pursue, 
And old impertinence expel by new. 
All is not lost: the unconquerable will, 
And study of revenge,
 immortal hate, 
And courage never to submit to yield: 
Ye Eate thereof, 
your Eyes that seen so cleere Yet are but dim, 
shall perfectly be then Opened and cleerd, 
and ye shall be as Gods, 
Knowing both Good and Evil as they know. 
Compare and contrast Wyatt and Surrey as sonneteers 
Q. 3. 
Do you think.what Milton’s Paradise Lost meets with all
 the rcquirements of a successful epic? 
Q: 4 
Write a critical note on Donne's use of hyperbole and paradox in poems. 
Q: 5 Write a critical analysis of the following poems. 
(a) The Sun Rising 
(b) A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning 
Q: 6.
Do you think that Chaucer's The Prologue still appeals to the modern readers? 
 Q 7. 
Discuss the main characteristics of Popes’ satire in the light of his poem The Rape of the Lock.

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