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English (classical poetry) 


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                          Part 1 --- 2010

Time : 3 hrs Paper 1                                                Marks:100 

                                        Classical Poetry

Q I. 
Explain with reference to the context any FOUR of the follow in": (a) 
As on great furnace flam'd, 
yet from those flames No light, 
but rather darkness visible 
Serv'd only to discover sights of woe. 
One short slcepc past, wee wake eternally 
And death shall he no more: death thou shalt die. 
Then flash'd the living lightening from her Eyes 
And Screams of Horror rend the affrighted skies.
All is possible! 
Who so believe. 
Trust therefore first and after prevc. 
Of twenty year of age he was, 
I guesse Of his stature he was evene lengthe 
And wonderlv delvvere and greet of strengthe 
'I’he mean diet, ito dainty yare 
Wisdom joined with simpleness. 
Farewell happic Fields Where joy forever dwells: Hail 
Horrors Hail Infernal world, and thou prnfouudcst Hell  
Receive thy new possessor. 
Q 2. 
How far do you think Pope's Rape of the Lock breaks free in the biographical and becomes a satire on the universal? 
Compare ami contrast Milton’s presentation of Adam and Satan in Paradise Lost. . 
Q: 4. 
Write a critical analysis of TWO of the fdtprning poems by Wyatt and Surrey: 
(i) Is it possible? 
(ii) Forget Not yet 
(iii) Wyatt Rcstcth here. 
Critically analyzc Chaucer's characterisation of the female characters in the Prologue. 
Q 6. 
Discuss in detail Donne’s metaphysical images in his love poems and their significance.  
Discuss in detail some of the predominant images in Surrey's poetry. Q:8 
Critically analyze Chaucer’s characterisation of the Ecclesiastical characters in The_Prologue.

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