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 Ninth Lahore Board 2009                        English (Compulsory) Paper: I (Objective Type)                                 Time: 20 Minutes Max.Marks:19                        Group-I

(a) Fill in the blanks with suitable forms of verb:             5 
i) Hastc ……….. waste. (make) 
ii) If it………… we shall not go out. (rain) 
iii) Let us…………. our work. (finish) 
iv) I ……… a letter yesterday (not write) 
v) The patient………….when the doctor came. (die) 
Complete the following words providing missing letter:          5 
(i) t......inkle (ii) s.......retch (iii) Pers....ade (iv) tem…..t 
(v) her…..tage 
Tick {/) mark the correct sentence:                                           5 
(a) Was who the in garden? 
b) The who was garden in? 
© Who was in the garden? 
d)Who in the was garden? 
(a) Old man am I  not an. 
(b) I am an not old man. 
© I am an old man not. 
(d) I am not an old man. 
(a) All were mangoes the not sour. 
(b) All the mangoes were not sour 
© All mangocs the were not sour. 
(d) All the were mangoes not sour. 
(a) The Top was high of the hill. 
(b) The top the hill of was high 
© The of top the hill was high. 
(d) The top of the hill was limb 
(a) Beggar the was not lame 
(b) The beggar was not lame 
© The was beggar not lame 
(d) The beggar not was lame 
Read these sentences carefully and write T/F in the box against each sentence:                                                     4 
(i) E-mail has created distance.
(ii) Inland means not in the country 
(iii) Bees do not live in groups. 
iv)Honey bees live in hives 

                           Ninth Lahore Board 2009              

English (Compulsory) Paper: I                         (Subjective Type)  
Time: 2 Hrs                                                 Max. Marks: 56 
                                        (Group- I) 
Note: All questions are to be attempted on the answer book. 
                                        Section - 1 
Write any five of the following questions:                        10 
(i) Who is a reformer ? 
(ii) What was the condition of women before the advent of Islam? (iii) Why and where did the king send his son? 
(iv) Had the prince discerned every sound already ? 
(v)What is self-employment ? 
(vi) What do games teach us? 
(vii) How docs water pollution take place? 
(viii) What do bee workers do? 
                                         Section - II 
Translate the following paragraph into urdu                7 
For days and nights, the young prince sat alone in the forest listening to the sounds more attentively. But he heard no sounds other than those he had already heard. Then, one morning, as the prince sat silently beneath the trees, he started to discern faint sounds unlike those he had ever heard before. 

Rewrite the above paragraph into simple English
 Write down the summary of the poem ’Truth - the Best”.      5 
Paraphrase the following .stanza into simple English
Write me as one that loves His fellow men. 
The angel wrote and vanished. 
The next night. It came again with a great wakening'light. 
And showed the names whom love of God had blest. 
And Lo! Ben Adhcrn’s name led all the rest. 
Use any FIVE of the following words/idioms in your own sentences:                                                         5 
valour, peace . rural , mistake , dignity . get up . decorate . permanent 
Write a letter to your father requesting him to send you some extra funds and payments of hostel dues.                       10 
Write a story with the Moral result "Once a liar always a liar’

Write a dialogue between a teacher and a student.               10 
Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given at the end:                                                                10 
Early rising is a good habit as it gives us an early start of our day's work. We gain time while the late risers are asleep. The early risers have another advantage also and that is they enjoy good and sound health. Those who are out of bed early have plenty of time to do their work carefully, steadily and completely They do not have to pul off anything to the next day. The early riser is always happy, fresh and smart. He enjoys his work while those who get up late find their duty dull and dry and do it unwillingly. Early rising is therefore, a key to success in life. 
(i) What kind of habit early rising is? 
(ii) Why can an early riser do more work than the late riser? 
(iii) Why does an early riser enjoy good health? 
(iv) Why does a late riser find his work dull and dry? 
(v) What is the key to success? 
Translate any FIVE of the following sentences into English: 5

Exclusively for candidates whose Medium of Examination is English
(Question – 8 Alternative to urdu Translation) 
Write TEN sentences ahout Basant.                         5 
1. Change the voice of the following;                            4 
(i) They played football. 
(ii) She reads a novel. 
(iii) I was wriling a drama. 
(iv.) I.et the orphan be loved.

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