The books I like most 

Robinson cruso

3- Anmol Moti” 
4- Robinson Crouse 
5-. King Solomon’s Mtnes 
6- H.G. Wells 
7- wiser hours of my life, 
It will be vain on my part if,in this essay,I try to prove that I am very learned man.Nobody is going to believe that I have read the classics.Such a false parade of my study ,If I may venture to make ,will not impress the reader.I am therefore,going to be frank and that is all.I shall mention only the books that I have actually read.My narration shall be sincere that much I guarantee. 
In my early childhood,I was sent by my parents to mosque to study the Holy Quran.The Imam of the mosque happened to be Qari.Under his guidance I began to study this greatest book.I was simply moved to my hearts depths by the rhyme and rhythm of the Quranic verses.
Though I was then a child of about five years of age,I had an instinctive awareness that these verses were not the result of any human efforts. Each and every verse thrilled me with joy. I felt while reciting verses, as if I was communicating with a power within myself, but much greater than myself. The study of the Quran, since then has always delighted me.
 I was studying in the 5th class when I caught hold of a book “Anmol Moti” from the school library. This book consisted of about 200 pages and contained many interesting stories of ghosts, demons, fairies and supernatural beings. I vividly remember, that I went through the book in a single sitting.
 I forgot about my evening hockey, which I never missed in those days.The book made me acquainted with ghostly life, and for days, I learned to wield such power as ghosts had. I dreams I used to keep company with them and shared their adventures.
 It was in my Matric class that I laid my hands on another interesting book, "Robinson Crouse".After having gone through this book, the world was changed for me. The lovely island and fighting scenes with the savage haunted my memory.I was influenced to such an extent that I named my servant as 'Man Friday'. The next book that made an interesting study for me, was suggested by Mr. Khalid, an intimate friend of mine. The name of the book is King Solomon’s Mtnes by Rider Haggard.
 I read the book through breathlessly. The excitement created by this book made me romantic through and through. The wonders (and terrors described by the magical pen of Rider Haggard left enchanting effect on me. 
I was introduced to H.G. Wells by one of my teachers. I feverishly read his New Utopia.This was the time when I had passed my Matriculation, and was waiting for admission to a college. The plan of moving population for the world and silent flying Island in Gulliver’s Travels. H.G. Wells pining for the stars gave me a thrilling experience.
 For months together I remained under the influence of this book and became a utopian. With my admission to college, I thought myself a graver and a saner person. My choice, therefore, fell on more serious authors like Carlyle and G.B.Shaw. I began my study of Carlyle with his book 'Past and Present'. The prophetic language used in this book, stunned a new reader like me. The study of his book gave me rich food for thought.
 I now realized that it were books like these that brought about radical changes in the entire social system of England. Reverence for the past and past personalities, which had been extinct in my mind, was revived. The picture of Monk Samson drawn in the book, impressed me immensely. 
Thereafter, I studied, 'Man and Superman' by G.B.Shaw. As I had already read Iqbal's poetry, and his theory about Mard-i-Kamal. I could dig into Shaw's philosophy about Superman. For a time I totally forgot my earthly ohmit challenging all dogmas and conventions,and produced a good deal of pleasantness among my fellow students. 
Nobody seemed to like me. Like Shaw's Superman and unlike all common men, I hated conventional morality, society and facial value of things. For me money was of no consequence and all worldly things were shams. 
During this period under Shawian influence, I propagated against morality, religion, and old types of social dogmas. I exposed the errors and vices of mankind with eloquence Some of my colleagues, who outwardly sympathized with me, reported the matter to my parents through a letter. Consequently I received a strong admonitory letter from my father.
 This cooled me down and made me see reason. I must admit my weakness in being seriously influenced by good books. Books always made me feel funny. They get into head like strong wine. For sometime they make me do, and believe in, absurd things. 
I am carried away under their -influence while reading. It is in the wiser hours of my life, that I realize that books represent individual view points, which are as faulty as my own view points.

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