A Thunder Storm 

1-Weather was hot 
2- Sky became overcast 
3- Flashes of lightning 
4- Walk through the fields 
5- Got into the barn 
6- Fresh and cool 
7- Mother was anxiously looking 
One hot summer evening my friend and I went out for a long walk. The weather was very hot. There had been no rain for several months. 
The sun was shining very brightly and scarcely a cloud was to be seen. We were going merrily across some fields. All of a sudden the sky became overcast with black clouds. The sun was speedily hidden. We heard the rolling and rumbling of distant thunder. The lightning shot zigzag Iines across the dark sky. 
The flashes of lightning and claps of thunder frightened us. A strong wind was also blowing. Immediately it was followed by loud peals of thunder. Rain began to fall in torrents. In a short time we were drenched the skin. 
Unfortunately,we were three kilometers away from our home. There was no place where we could take shelter. We had to walk through the fields. But they were full of water then. It was getting dark. We were trying our best to find a protection. After fifteen minutes we reached the farm yard. We got into the barn and were safe. 
Meanwhile the thunder of lightning got worse. We wondered how long the storm would last.The rain and storm were playing with the trees. Most of them could not stand against the blast and were uprooted .Streams of water filled the fields. There was water everywhere. 
Then gradually the thunder abated its roar. The lightning became less frequent. The clouds were seen passing away. The wind died down to a breeze. Everybody felt fresh and cool. We heaved a sigh of relief then. The clouds disappeared very soon and the sun shone forth. We hurried home as quickly as our legs could carry us. 
My mother was anxiously looking out for us. She was standing at the door. She was happy to see us back home safe and sounds.

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