A visit to museum 

1- Important place 
2- Historical value 
3- pictures of Mughal 
4- Wood work speciality 
5- Statue of Budha 
6- Model of Taj Mahal 
7- Lur'fif the Holy Quran 
It was a fine sunny day in January. Our father took us to the museum. It is situated in front of Punjab University Lahore. It is an important place where works of art and other objects of historical value are kept and displayed. It has a good store of antiques of all times. We bought tickets and went in. 
It is an old imposing building with a high ceiling. It consists of many halls. Each hall has many rare and curious things. Our father took us round different sections of the beautiful museum. There are things which form part of history. When we looked them, history flashed up on our mind in vivid images. In one hall, we saw pictures of the past kings of India. 
The pictures of Mughal emperors and their queens were very charming. In another hall, we saw the arms and weaponsp of the old time. Ancient swords, daggers, garments, ornaments coinst, bows and arrows were displayed in glass cases. The swords, turbans, royal dresses of some great Indian rulers were preserved there. 
The coins, utensils with engravings , royal seals, imperial ordains and many other things were kept with great care. There were also stuffed bears, tigers and snakes in big glass cases. There were tags with brief descriptions on most of the items on display. There were paintings, pictures and clay modes of ancient craftsmanship. Full size doors and frames with primitive fittings were specimens of the wood work speciality. 
The carved door frames, old coins and vesselstc from Harappa gave us glimpse of the ancient civilization of our homeland. In one hall, we saw statue of Budha. The huge statue of Queen Victoria lay in one room of the museum. 
We also saw model of Taj Mahal. There were old manuscripts Lur'fif the Holy Quran in one room. We enjoyed very much our visit to the museum. We saw for the first time things of the past age. Our visit to the museum gave us a wealth of information and insight. It was a rewarding visit indeed.

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