The policeman 

1- full of grave responsibilities 
2- maintain law and order 
3- life and property of the people 
4- Armed with a rifle 
5- helpful friend 
6- toilsome life 
7- The policeman is a useful public servant. 
His job is full of grave responsibilities . He looks smart and active. He has a leather belt round his waist. The belt carries a brass plate bearing his number. He is seen in every town and city. He has to perform many duties. 
His first and foremost duty is to maintain law and order. He keeps a watch over the life and property of the people. In big cities he also controls traffic during the day and acts as a watchman at night. Armed with a rifle he is seen on duty at the gates of banks, courts, prisons, treasuries, police stations, colleges, government houses and other important places. 
We see him doing his duty at every crossing, crowded places and railway station. He is seen in fairs, in bazar and in streets. He walks with measured steps . He looks very dignified. He is a terror for the thieves and law breakers. But he is a helpful friend of the law-abiding people. 
His duty is to arrest thieves, dacoits and criminals. He keeps an eye on offenderstc and suspicious persons. He investigates crimes and produces the offenders before judges and magistrates.He safeguards the interests of peace loving citizens Some police men are very dishonest. They accept bribes. 
But whenever such policemen are found out, they are severely punished They are grave danger to the public safety. Some policemen are cruel. They put the public to trouble for nothing. He leads a toilsome life. 
It may be feezing cold or scorching Heat he is on duty. He performs a tough job and faces dangerous situations. His duties are very hard and important but his pay is very small. He must get good pay so that he may live on his honest earnings.

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