A letter to your father, thanking him for teaching you so many things and values of life

Examination Hall, 
A.B.C., July 10, 2014.
My dear father,
I'm very thankfull to you for the moral values which are taught by you in my childhood. Now I'm young. I follow strictly the moral values i.e integrity, honesty, to help needy people, to respect elders and love youngers etc.

value of life

I am given due respect by the members of society due to the moral values as mention above.
These moral values lead me to the successful life which is free from all kind of worries. In the present age, I consider man is very lucky who lives peacefully. I'm fully satisfied with the present life i.e due to your kindness and blessings.
God may keep you healthy and I also pray for you long
Pay my slam to all at home.
Yours lovingly,

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