Moral stories

Birds and animals 

Once upon a time birds and animals gathered to choose their king. The birds wanted to make the king out of them, while the animals insisted that an animal should be the king. 
They discussed the matter for several days, but they could not reach any conclusion . At last they began to fight. The bat played a strange role. 


If the birds seemed to be winning it went over to their side and said, 'Tam a bird because I fly like birds." But if the animals seemed to carry the day it sided with them saying, "I am an animal because I give milk to my young ones like animals." This behaviour of the bat irritated them all. 
 At last the animals came out victorious - The lion was made the king of all. The bat went to their camp. But they turned it out. They.said, "You are not an animal because you lay eggs." It, then flew over to the other camp. They also turned it out. They said, "You are not a bird, you give milk to your young ones." Since that time, the bat does not show its face neither to animals nor to birds. It comes out only in the dark. 
 A rolling stone gathers no moss

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