1- Age of fashions 
2- Fascination of fashion 
3- Women follow fashions 
4- Press and T.V 
5- Glitter of advertisements 
6- More popular 
7- Glitters is not gold 
It is an age of fashions. The current mode or style prevailing is called fashion. Fashion can be done in dress, manners,speech, customs , traditions , etiquettes and ways of life. Among the members of the smartest of any country, certain style of houses, furniture, food and drinks, times of meals,amusements,public customs and especially dress are fashionable. 
The fascination of fashion is very strong in our society. Young generation runs after fashion. Women follow fashions blindly. They to look smart and upto date is becoming strong. Everyone is attracted by the spelled of fashion. 
The garment industry , attractive advertisements and films are playing a leading role in the field of fashions. The Press and T.V have also affected the minds of people. Young girls proudly follow the ways of film stars. 
They forget that a Muslim lady is asked to wear veil A lot of money is spent on fashions. Pakistan imports foreign powders, perfumes, cosmetics, fabrics, foot wear, furniture, fast food, video films, coloured magazines and many other things of fashion. Fashions are spreading very quickly. 
Pakistanis working abroad have poured a lot of money on fashion. It has become a fashion now a days to arrange marriage in a five star hotel. The rich give a large and costly dowry to their daughters. Fashions are constantly changing. Certain games and amusements, styles of furniture, rules of etiquettes, foods and drinks come and go out of fashion. 
The girls are more crazy about fashion than the boys. Some times they like to wear long shirts. Sometimes they wear shorter ones. Sometimes women like clothes of blue colours. In a few months it may be pink. Girls may like a dress in green colour at one time. They may soon begin thinking a dress of red colour. They may like light or dark colours at different times. 
A fashionable lady will wear a beautiful and costly dress only once or twice and then she gives it away to her maid. Sometimes women wear shoes with broad toes and sometimes with pointed ones. New fashions are becoming more popular in no time. 
The glitter of advertisements makes every thing look like gold. But all that glitters is not gold. We should lead a simple and clean life. Those who wear fashionable clothes are proud. God does not like the proud.

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