Moral stories

Spider and king bruce

 King Robert Bruce of Scotland was a brave and courageous. He fought many battles against the English but every time he was defeated. 

Once he ran from the battlefield for his life and disappeared in mountains. He hid himself in a cave. The enemy followed him but could not trace him. He was very disappointed. He decided not to struggle any more for the freedom of his motherland. Meanwhile, he caught sight of a spider It was hanging by a silken thread .
It tried to reach its web, but slipped and fell down. It tried again and fell. It did not lose heart and tried again and again but fell down every time. At its ninth failure king Bruce thought that the foolish insect would try no more. But to his suipn'se after taking some rest it began to climb again. The king rose and sat. He was curious to know the result of its tenth attempt.
 But this time it succeeded. The king stood up and exclaimed, "Bravo! Bravo! all honour to those who try, try again. He thought if an insect like this can overcome its distress why should not I. He came out of the cave and gathered his army. He attacked the English once again with a determination, defeated them, and achieved freedom for his motherland. 
 Moral :
  • Try, try again. 
  • No pains, no gains. 
  •  God helps those who help themselves. 
  •  All honour to those who try, try again.

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