Why I love my country 


2- A gift 
3- Greatest sacrifice
4- historical buildings
5- Shrines of great saints
Love for one's motherlands is a natural feeling. I love Pakistan for several reasons. I love my country because I was born and brought up on this sacred land. I love it as it is the land of my forefathers. Every inch of this soil is coloured with the blood of our ancestors.
That is why I love Pakistan more than my life, my property or anything else on earth. I love Pakistan because it is my dear homeland . It was a dream of Allama Iqbal and the Quaid-e-Azam struggled hard to turn it into a reality. 
I love Pakistan because God gave it to us as a gift to fulfil our desire to make it an ideal Muslim state. We got it in the name of Islam. My love for Pakistan has become an article of faithful with me. This land has become flesh and bone of my body. 
It is a concretetion of the traditions, the aspirations and the hopes of my nation. It is our past, our present and our future. I am ever willing to give the greatest sacrifice for her saket. 
I love it because it has inherited a rich treasure of fine arts dating from pre-historic time. People here are hard working , creativetJ and artistic. 
It’s historical buildings are a great source of attraction. Badshahi Moque at Lahore, Shahi Fort,TombofShahnshah Jahagir ruins of ancient civilization at Taxila, Harappa and Moenjodaro and shrines of great saints Ganj Bakhsh Hajveri,Lal Shahbaz Qlander,Sultan Bahu and many others are great pride for us. I love Pakistan because it is the land of peace, justice and love.
We all are free here. We are master of our own will . All are equal in the eye of law. All have equal chances of progress and promotion. The people are united. I love Pakistan because I walk on it's soil and breathe in its air. 
I eat from the food produced in its fields. I wear clothes made from its cotton. I live in a house made from it's mud and clay. | smell beautiful flowers in bright colours. I like the fine trees, the high hills, silvery mountains and ever flowing rivers. I love my country because I study in it's school. I love it's streets, roads and play grounds. I love Pakistan because it is a nuclear power. I am safe from the maltreatment of the Hindus. Our shops are mot looted by them. 
Our houses are not burnt by the . The doors of all important services are not closed on us. We are not looked upon as disloyal to our country. I love Pakistan because it is a land of free people. They are not subservient to the will of any other country. 
People are free. It's government is our own government. Its industry and commerce are in our own hands. It is progressing by rapid strides in every field. I love Pakistan because its army is strong enough to guard every inch of this sacred territory. For me it is the fairest of all lands. I love it with my heart and soul. There is nothing sweeter on earth than my country.

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