A letter to your landlord asking him to effect necessary repairs to the house you live in.

 January 4,2015. 
 Dear Sir, 
On the 1st of this'month I asked your man, when he came to collect the rent, to arrange for certain repairs to the house. But he has not turned up since. I am, therefore, obliged to write to you for arranging immediate repairs. The roof of the room adjacent to the drawingroom has been damaged in the recent rains. A downpour of rain makes the room flooded. 
We have almost vacated it. The roof should be repaired at once, otherwise it would damage the walls. Then, there are some minor repairs to be carried out. The kitchen is to be whitewashed, and its floor needs renovation. A portion of the cemented courtyard is in bad slate and demands attention. 
Two or three window panes are broken. Some bolts require replacement. I hope you will arrange for the repairs very early. I shall send you a reminder if you do not respond to my letter within three days. 
Yours faithfully, 

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