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  Solved course outline -aiou--Digital logic -code No  3409-Autumn 2014








Unit #1
Binary  System,
Binary Numbers Based Conversion of Octal, Hexadecimal and Binary,
Complements, Binary Codes, Binary Logic and ICs
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Binary Numbers Based Conversion of Octaloctal number system
hexadecimal and binary
Binary Codes 
Binary Logic and ICs
Unit # 2
 Boolean Algebra and Logic Gates
Definitions, Theorems and Properties, Boolean Functions, Canonical and
STD Forms, other Logical Properties, Gates
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Defination of bolean algebra and logic gates
Theorem and properties
 Boolean Functions
 Canonical and STD forms
other Logical Properties and gates

Unit # 3
Simplification of Boolean Function
Map Method, NAND and NOR Implementation, Tabulation Method,
Prime Implement
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map method
NAND and NOR Implementation
  Tabulation Method
Tabulation method
prime impliment

Unit # 4:
Combination Logic
Design Procedure, Adder, Subtractors, Code Conversation Analysis
Procedure, NAND and
NOR Functions, Ex OR and Ex NOR Function
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 Design Procedure,
 Adder, Subtractors,
 Code Conversation Analysis Procedure, 
NAND and NOR Functions,
 Ex OR and Ex NOR Function
Unit #5
:Combination Logic with MSI and LSI
Binary Parallel Adder, Decimal Adder, BCD Counter, Magnitude
Compactor, Decoders, Demultiplexers, Encoder, Multiplexer, ROM, PLA
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 Binary Parallel Ad
BCD Counter
Decoders, Encoder, Multiplexer,
Unit # 6
Sequential Logic
Flip Flop, Triggering, State Reduction Excitation Table,
Design Procedure, Design of Counter
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Design Procedure
Design of Counter

Unit #7
Register, Counter, and Memory Unit
Register Counter, Timing Sequence, Memory Unit

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Register Counter, 
Timing Sequence, 
Memory Unit 

Unit #8
Asynchronous Sequential Logic
Analysis Procedure, Circuits
with Latches, Design Procedure, Reductions
of State and Flow Tables, Race Free State Assignment
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 Analysis Procedure,
 Circuits with Latches, 
Design Procedure, 
Reductions of State and Flow Tables
Race Free State Assignment-
Unit #9
Digital Integrated Circuits
Bipolar Transistor Characteristics, RTL and DTL Circuits, Transistor,
Transistor Logic, Emitter Coupled Logic (ECL), Metal
Oxide Semiconductor (MOS), CMOS

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