Wolf and dog 

 One night a wolf came in the street of a village in search of food. By chance  he met a dog. The dog was very fat. He said to the dog, "How is it, dear cousin you are so healthy and fat?" The dog said," I guard my master's house at night and he gives enough to eat and why are you so week and thin?" The wolf said, "Because I go often without food."

Wolf and dog

The dog said," If you live with me and guard a man's house, you will also become healthy and fat." The wolf agreed to .work in return for food. When they were going, wolfs eyes fell on the dog's neck, he asked him, "Why have the hair on your neck worn away? The dog said, "My master puts a collar and a chain round my neck in the day so that ! may not move about. 
Thus the hair on my neck goes falling." He was surprised to hear this. He said to the dog, "Cousin thank you for your kindness. I cannot wear the collar of slavery at the cost of food." Saying this the wolf ran away to the forest. 
To rule in Hell is better than serve in Heaven. 
Slavery is a curse.

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