Rapid rise in world population has assumed very serious proportions. An estimate of this high rate of increase may be made by the fact that up to 1830 the total world population was only on billion. Now it has risen to seven billions. 
So population explosion has become one of the major problems the world facing today, increasing population is a danger for the present world. 
 There is shortage of food yet each year, there are many people to eat it. This situation has caused famine in many parts of the world. Million and million of people die of hunger.The rate of development in many countries has slowed.
 There unemployment is on increase. There is shortage of facilities like housing, food, clothing, education, transport, hospitals, schools and colleges. The cities are full of beggars. Civic facilities do not increase at the same rate. 
Problems of over crowding and traffic make life miserable . Because of the poor food and the present food production of the world is insufficient to support the rapidly increasing population of the world. The result is that a vast majority of human race living in poorer countries does not get enough to eat. 
In some parts of the world, people, especially children, are dying of hunger. 
Famines have been occurring from the beginning of time. During the last 1800 years, major famines have hit Europe In 350 different years. China alone had ninety major famines in one century in which millions of people died. The Russian famine in 1921-22 killed many millions of people.
 India had a number of famines in the present century. Famines may be caused in many ways. Sometimes crops fail because of less'rains. Sometimes pests destroy crops. Famines caused in these ways may kill millions of people. Some parts of the world are, however, in the grip of a constant famine. These are the countries which cannot produce enough food for their vast populations. 
So the people never have sufficient food. They are starving to death slowly but surely. In fact, in the world of today there is not enough food for present population. Still population is increasing at a tremendous" rate, especially in the poorer countries of the world. The major factor for this is Increase In birth rate and decrease in death rate. In the Western countries, the birth rate has been kept under control overcrowding there are widespread diseases. This lowers the productivity of labour. 
The main reason for the population increase is the difference between birth rate and death rate. Science has helped us to control death-rate. But at the same time, birth rate has not been checked. In the Western countries the people have checked birth-rate. But the condition in Asia is very poor. 
Here the death rate has been brought down by modern medicine. But no attempt has been made to limit the size of the family. According to the Economics Survey of Pakistan 2007-08, the population of Pakistan is 16 Crores 9 Lacs. 
Majority of population lives in villages. Unfortunately, our natural resources are not sufficient to meet the needs of the people. Population control is the crying need of the hour. We should take two steps at the same time.
we Should check the birth rate. The idea of family planning should be popularized.Artificial ways and medicines should be used to check undesirable pregnancies. Literacy rate should be raised. Female should also be given proper education. By taking these steps we can definitely reduce our birth rate and harmonize our population according to our resources.

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