1. Introduction. 
2.An agricultural country. 
3. In summer people pray for rain. 
4. When suddenly it started rain. 
5. Children enjoyed a lot in rain. 
6. Conclusion. 
Rains are a great blessing for mankind. They are welcomed by all, young and old alike, especially in the summer season. Rains are the backbone of our agricultural economy. The farmers in our country also welcome them. Sometimes they may also prove to be a curse when they causes floods in many parts of our country, bringing untold miseries to our people.
 Untimely rains may ruin the standing crops also. But there is no doubt that the prosperity of our country depends greatly on the rains.Prosperity of our farmers greatly depends on rains. If the rains are sufficient, then we have a good agricultural crops and if they are scantily then famine takes place in many parts of our country. 
On the other hands, if there are more rains than needed they bring ruination for the people. Thus we can say that rains are both a blessing and a curse for our countrymen. In the summer season when it is very hot the people pray for rains, so that they can get some relief from the scorching heat of the sun. 
At such time when the clouds appear on the sky every body becomes happy. I remember one such day last June when it was very hot, but all of a sudden the sky was overcast with dark and thick clouds. After sometime a cool breeze began to blow, bringing down the high temperature. 
It now looked that rain was quite imminent. The coulds also started thundering and we could understand that there would be a heavy downpour. Then suddenly it started raining heavily. The joy of the people knew no bounds. At that time I was going to the market and got wet. 
But I took shelter immediately in shop lest I should be fully drenched. Thereafter it started raining in torrents. It must have rained for three hours continuously. All the road and the streets were flooded with water. It looked as if there was water and water every where. 
There was knee deep water on certain roads and low lying areas in the city. The traffic on these roads had been closed for some time. The children were very happy and were running in the rain water after removing their clothes. Many small children started swimming in the streets.
 They would play and shout with joy. The small children also started playing with paper-boats which they had made with multi-colured paper. Of course the rains also brought misery to certain people. Many huts in the low lying slums were washed away. Many houses also collapsed due to the continuous rains. 
The roofs of many old houses started leaking. The streets and roads had become quite slippery. I saw one fat person who slipped and fell down in the street. The naughty children started laughing at him. Some people helped him to clean his clothes and stand on his feet again. 
No doubt the trees looked as if they were washed by nature. The leaves now looked green and pleasant, as if they had changed their clothes. The farmers were also very happy as they hoped to have good crops now. Even the animals and birds were full of joy and mirth. 
Some ladies and old men could also be seen moving with their umbrellas after rain was over. I When the rain stopped ultimately the people started moving our. The traffic which had come to a standstill now started moving on the roads. 
The buses also started moving and the people who had taken shelter under the roofs of shops and buildings now started moving out to their destinations. Thus, the rain made all the people happy as they had got rid of the scorching heat of summer. I also moved out of my shelter and came back home to change my clothes which had become wet and dirty.

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