Charity (Alms giving)

We often hear that man has made very great progress in all spheres of life. As compared to the past more civilized ,more comfortable and more happy. All this is quite believable but when we see a beggar in rags or an unfed orphan or a helpless widow, we begin to doubt the justness  of our claims to great development.Why are there still countless people who are living in utter want and misery.



 The hardships of these poor and miserable persons can only be removed if charity  becomes common in modem times. It is a bitter fact at even today, a large number of our fellow human beings are without proper food, clothing and shelter.

 Economic disparity

 Religion has made it obligatory for men to help their poor and 
needy brethren. Those who are well-off are clearly told to share their possessions with those who are badly-off. This would reduce economic disparity between the rich and the poor. To regularise the institution of charity, and to ensure its smooth working.


 Islam has imposed Zakat’ upon its followers. Proper collection 
and distribution of Zakat will solve the problem of beggary in our country to a great extent. Besides this compulsory tax, Islam bids its followers to give as much in charity as possible. From the humanitarian point of view also, charity has its significance. It is 
our moral duty .to support our less fortunate fellow human beings.

People who deserves charity

 There are many kinds of persons who deserve alms. Foremost among them are widows, orphans, the disabled and the old. 
We can help them in various ways. If we are rich, we can establish orphanages, hospitals, or training centres where they would be taught some useful trade. Otherwise, we can always spare a few coins whenever we meet such a wretched being. 

Alm taker and giver are blessed

Shakespeare said that the quality of mercy is doubly blessed. The same can be said about charity. The alms-taker is blessed because he is provided with his daily needs. The alms-giver is blessed because he will be rewarded in this as well as the world hereafter. But the purest motive for charity is selfless giving. The man who gives alms only with a view to receiving hundred-fold in the next world is ignorant of the true worth and significance of charity.

How charity be lost

 Sometimes charity is misplaced. It loses its purpose when we do not distinguish between those who deserve our help and those who do not. Men, women and children who have turned professional beggars are many in number. They are lazy and idle. We do not serve humanity if we spend our money on them. Instead, we should persuade them to give up begging and adopt some respectable profession. Charity should, therefore, be carefully given.

 Indvidual charity

We must realize that individual  charity is not the solution to the problems created by poverty. For that purpose, we must exploit our full resources  in an organised manner. The regularisation of the institution of Zakat can remove the curse of beggary from our country if we are honest about it. We must ensure that charity is given in an organized manner and the really deserving people profit from it. 

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