3-Speech of the 10th class 
4-Speech from outgoing class. 
5-Principal’s Speech 
The day when 1 was free from Higher Secondary examination will be remembered throughout ' my life. As ours was the outgoing class, so it was bidden farewell by class X. The Principal fixed the responsibility for making arrangements. The farewell party was given on Sunday. 
When I arrived at the school at 3 P.M. 1 saw that all arrangements were made by the host party. The school hall was beautifully decorated with charts, buntings, flowers and playcards. The main table, on which the Principal and the Inspector of Schools were to sit. was beautifully decorated with flowerpots. 
There were many chairs for the outgoing students, staff and student of class X. 
The party began at 4 P.M. For about one hour we ate to our heart's content, gossiped and laughed too much. The party came to an end at 5 P.M. The farewell function started after the party was over. 
A student of Class X. made a moving and heart-rending farewell speech in which he mentioned our long and deep association with the school as well as their class. 
His speech which was full of praise and appreciation for our outgoing class was delivered in a befitting manner. His farewell speech which was punctuated with humorous remarks and pleasantries wishing us success in our future, was totally the most touching one. 
After this speech, I on behalf of my class, thanked the host and got blessings from my teachers and worth Principal. In my speech. 1 lauded the good arrangements made by the host and accepted their good wishes and feelings for all of us. When 1 was delivering the speech.
 I was deriving a mixed pleasure. I was feeling sad because of the separation from my old and august institution in whose lap. 1 got education and training of my mind and body. To me my school was an embodiment of knowledge and learning whose sacred atmosphere is a part of my memory. For me. this was not merely a school which imparted knowledge, but it was a eradle of culture and civilization.
 In the end. the reverend Principal, whose association with the school is as old as the history of this school, made and impassioned speech. In his farewell message, he gave us some pieces of advice, to be followed in our future course of life. He made a fervent appeal to build our mind and character on sound lines. 
He stressed upon us to inculcate a spirit of service and sacrifice as well as of patriotism and nationalism. After his encouraging speech, the function came to an end. We parted after taking the blessings of our teachers and good wishes of our friends. 
While going, w'e cast our longing and lingering looks at this great and noble institution in whose lap we spent the most formative period of our life and living

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  1. Nice details about this farewell party. It seems like a blasting bash that everyone had. I graduated last year and now going to get married at the local New York wedding venues and want to host a DIY floral themed party. I am sure it will also be a fun family event.