Why boys fail in college

This short story is written by Herbert E. Hawkers

About auther
Herbert E.Hawker

Herbert E. Hawkers was born in 1872 in America.He was a great mathematician .He was the dean of Columbia college America for twenty five years.In 1900 he got degree of doctoriate .In 1910 he joined Columbia college as a professor of mathematics.He died in 1943.


Types of boys fail in college

 According to author the boys who fail in college are of two types, those who work and those who do not work. 
He has further sub-divided these students into seven groups. 
 (i) The students who suffer from lack of concentration
 (ii) The students who are forced to study a subject against their interest.
 (iii) The students who are over-cpnfident and do not work hard.
 (iv) The students who have poor physical Or mental, health.
 (v) The poor students who does not get sufficient time to study.
 (vi) The students who are more interested in games and literary activities.
 (vii) The students who join college only for the sake of fun cause of capablestudents failure They fail because they do not pay heed to their studies. 

Parent's pressure

parents become a cause of their children's failure Author is of the opinion that the parent’s mistaken ambition for the future of their child is the most important cause of the student's failure. All the parents want to see their children a doctors or engineers.' parents become a cause of their children's failure.
They do not judge their talent and aptitude and impose their decisions. In such case the boys find education boring and tiresome. So they do not work properly and fail. The parents should not impose their own ambitions on the children, rather they must give the boys free choice. 

 Financial pressure

 Financial pressure is also a big cause for the failure of the students. The poor students who have to work to meet their education expenses, get a poor living as welt as poor education.  It is the duty of the parents to provide the students proper money because they have brought them in the world. 

Interest in games and extra curricular activities 

A good number of students waste their time unnecessarily in games and extra curricular activities. Too much interest in these activities make them weak in studies. The author advises that the students should keep balance between studies and sports. They do not try Most of students fail in colleges, because they do not try. For example, students do not pay attention to their studies. There are also some intelligent students who are habitual to see things lightly. They do not work hard and fail. Some boys give more time to extra curricular activities, do not do justice with the academic duty and fail. Students busy in earning do not find time for their studies and fail. 

Good in school but poor in college: 

There are some students who get good marks at school without much effort. They suppose that they can also get success at college in the same way. They do not work hard and fail. It is a category of.the students that is found everywhere in the world. No doubt such boys are found in the colleges of our country in great number. 

 Health problems: 

Good health is essential for success. A sick student cannot study properly. If he does not study regularly and properly he cannot get through the examination. Therefore, a student must be healthy physically and mentally to achieve academic goal. 

 Join college for fun: 

Some boys join college for the sake of fun only. They want simply to enjoy and waste their parents money. They are lazy bluffers. They fail in the examination badly. In fact they are never serious in their studies. Such boys should never be allowed to stay in college.  

How can we help students

 We should help them to choose the proper career. We should give them financial aid as and when required. The sick students should be given adequate medical aid in the colleges. In this way we can help the college students according to their problems. 
The author says that there must be in colleges a medical expert. There should be proper co-operation between him and college authorities, so that the students may thoroughly be examined and given timely proper medical aid. 
This will be great help for the boys. If we succeed in making such arrangements in colleges an immense number of failures can be avoided sportsmen in colleges: Sports are an integral part of college life. Most of the players of national level are picked from the colleges. 
Sportsmen develop team-spirit among students and make college life attractive and active. Some students adopt a negative attitude towards sports. They take more interest in sports and literary activities than it is needed. This is wrong, quite wrong. They ought to leave the college and become professional.

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