If I become principal of our college 

2-Appointment of the teachers. 
3-Discipline and cleanliness. 
4-Sports, games and co-curricular activities. 
1 have my own view's about becoming the Principal of my college. I feel that the principal of the college should also be elected from amongst the students. When we live in a democracy why should we den)' this right to the students? There should be a students’ council elected by the students themselves. Every class should send its own representative. .
These class-representatives should form a Parliament. The Principal should be responsible to them. The students are never consulted in the appointment of the teachers. I shall ask a candidate to teach the class and the students will obverse his lesson. Only those teachers, who can satisfy the students, will be selected. 
The students will look after the discipline and cleanliness in the college themselves. They will punish the late comcis and tell their parents to send them in time. One student from each class will be on duty'. He will check the cleanliness of the students. He will also see. to it that no one roams about the corridors. 
Another will be on duty in the reception hall. He will attend to the visitors and the telephone calls. There will be very few teaching periods. 
They will end before the recess. The students will take pail in games, sports-and co-curricular activities. They will make more use of the library. In fact, the teachers will guide them only in removing their difficulties. 
They will inspire us to read new books. There will be no physical punishment. If a student miss- behaves, he will be suspended from the games and other activity periods. The clubs and societies will not be mere show-pieces for the visitors. 
They will function actively and lay stress on self-learning. Each and every student will have, to take part in drama and group songs. I shall lay stress on manual labour. 
Each student will have to work in the garden or the workshop. The students will earn while they learn. No teacher will be allowed to take up tuitions. 
If any student needs help, he will be guided during the college hours. I got this chance last year only for one day. The students managed the college themselves on the children’s day. i.e. 14th November and I was made the Principal. I wish to get this opportunity once again and that too permanently.

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