Ninth Lahore Board 2008                        English (Compulsory) Paper: I (Objective Type)                                 Time: 20 Minutes Max.Marks:19                        Group-I 
Note: Use this paper to write the answers to the objective questions. No mark, will be awarded for cutting, over-writing or using a pencil. The paper must be tagged with the answers-book. 
 l. (a) Fill in the blanks with suitable forms of verb:               (5) 
(i) It ……………. at present, (rain) 
(ii) She…………… since morning, (sleep) 
(iii) She…………….. her work before the guests arrived. (finish) (iv) I…………..for you at the usual time, (wait) 
(v) He…………..to my letter, (not reply) 
(b) Complete the following words by providing missing letter: (5) 
(i) Obi…… gation  (ii) sav… gc  (iii) flex……. ble (iv) pol…l n
(v) ch… nncl 
© Tick (/) mark the correct answer (a)Their home task the boys 
    are doing. 
(b)The boys are doing their home task 
(c) Are their home task the boys doing. 
ii- (a) They workhard all day. 
(b) All day they work hard 
© work hard they all day. 
(d)Hard work they all day. 
iii-(a) We do ourselves our work. 
(b) Our workwe do ourselves. 
© We do our work ourselves. 
(d) Ourselves we do our work. 
iv- (a) The station late Akram will not. 
(b)Akram will not reach the station late. 
© Akram will reach the station not late. 
(d)Akram will not late reach the station. 
v-(a) Told us a strange story the grandmother.
 (b)A strange story the grandmother us told. 
©A strange story told us the grandmother. 
(d)The grandmother told us a strange story. 
(e) Read these sentences carefully and write T/F in the box against    each sentence:                                                           (4) 
(I)The Muslims follow the Solar Calendar. (F) 
(ii)  Hazrat Abdullah (R.A.) was allowed to show (F) off his wealth. (iii) Doctors fly areoplanes. (F) 
(iv)The sweet juicy cake brings good luck. (F)

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