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Compulsory English I                                      code No: 1423   BA/BS                                                                   Spring 2014 
                                    Assignment No:1
In Unit 1. Section B you read about simple present tense and its use to express habitual actions, repeated action, feelings and thoughts. Study page 20 and then make ten sentences (facts, habits, repeated actions, events thoughts) on the following topic:
 Sports in Pakistan 
1- Sports are very popular in Pakistan. (Fact) 
2- Cricket, hockey, football are the popular games in Pakistan. (Fact) 
3- Pakistanis like the cricket most. (Feeling) 
4- National championships are held every year. (Fact, event,  
    repeated action) 
5- Cricket is so much popular that many cricket lovers are on leave 
when Pakistan cricket team is playing any where in the world. 
    (Habit, fact) 
6- Some Pakistanis have views that hockey is not being paid attention like cricket. (Thought) 
7-Pakistan has produced world level players. (Fact) 
8-Pakistan has been hosting events like world cup, Asia cup etc. (Fact, event) 
9- Some prominent organizations hold mega sports events every year. (Repeated action) 
10- In spite of all this perhaps the sports are not being taken serious as they should be.(Though) 
Study Section D (Writing Connected Sentences) of Unit 1 and then make sentences according to the following instructions:             (15) 
A-Five simple sentences each with a single subject and a single verb Example: Children are playing 
1-Aslam is eating. 
2-They are running. 
3- I was sleeping. 
4-Hina is weeping. 
5-Mother is washing. 
B-Five compound sentences each with two subjects and a single verb. 
Example: Nisar and Sami play together. 
1-Saima and Taria drove to school.
 2-Ali and Hamza play football every afternoon. 
3-Tide and time waits for no man. 
4- Aimal and Akmal ride their bike to the beach. 
5- You and am took the furniture out of garage. 
C-Five complex sentences each with a single subject and two verbs. 
Example: Children smiled and waved at us 
1-The teacher rambled and stuttered. 
2-He hurt the ball and ran the bases. 
3-I drank Coke and ate pizza. 
4- The wind had fallen but was rising quickly by late afternoon. 
5-Gull circled overhead or floated on the water. 
In Unit 2 Section A, you learned about Seeking Confirmation through using tags. On page 48 sentences with tags are given. You have to make 10 such sentences with tags.                          (10) 
Positive statement :   It is my laptop, 
Negative statement:   It wasn't my fault, 
negative tag:           isn't it? 
positive tag:            was it? 
i. Tahir is an accountant, isn't he?
ii. I am a good worker, am I not? 
iii. Arifa is not a teacher, is she? 
iv. Kamran is a doctof, isn't he? 
v. Jawad and Ali are studnts, aren't they? 
vi. You are there,, aren't you? 
vii. You and I are busy right now, aren't we? 
viii. It's not windy today, is it? 
 In Unit 2 Section D, informal or Personal letter writing is being taught. Write an informal letter expressing thanks on receiving a birthday gift.                                                              (15) 
Examination Hall, 
A.B.C 20th April 2014. 
Dear friend, 
 How is it going? First of all, I would like to thank you for the gorgeous gift you sent me for my birthday. You have always been such a caring person and you never forget that date. Imagine my surprise when I came from work and noticed that your present was waiting for me at home. 
It was very lovely of you. I really appreciate the thoughtfulness and effort you put into finding me a wonderful present. You are the ultimate gift giver! It's been a while since we wrote, so I would drop you a line to bring you up to date with what's been happening here.  My life has been kind of busy with my new job as a secretary at the hospital, the organization of my sister's wedding. 
As I told you last time we chat, Sofia is j marrying in July and of course she asked me to be her wedding planner. I'm trying to be in every single detail .She is my only sister and I'm doing my best to make this day unforgettable for her. I will send you the invitations for you and your family as soon as they are ready.
Hope all your family could join us in this special day. I've also started an English course this summer. You know I want to improve my English before I go to visit you in London next year. I will have to practice hard to speak as well as you do. So what about you these days? 
How is life in London different from Pakistan? Have you already accustomed to the city, the people and the English culture? Now I think it's the perfect moment to thank you for being such a good person and friend and wish you good health, success and more importantly, love in your life. Please write soon and tell me what's new in your life. 
                                With love 
                                                                                    Yours sincerely 
 In Unit 3 Section A, (Agreeing and Disagreeing) many ways of agreeing and disagreeing with something/someone are being taught to you. You have to make agreeing, strongly agreeing, agreeing in part, disagreeing and strongly disagreeing statements relating the given issues (five sentences for each issue):                                  (15) 
Politics in education: 
1- I am strongly against the politics in education as in fact, these activities are getting more and more common in our educational institution and with a complete negative meaning and sense which has damaged the real purpose of institutions. 
2- The government must ban it as politics involvement has affected education so badly that students have Indulged In activities like rallies, fights, firing, propaganda against each other, shouting fruitlessly wasting their time in such stupid activities. 
3- It is alarming situation as the increasing involvement of politics in educational institutions day by day has transformed them into the root station of the political activates. 
4- I am sure that the parents whose children are indulged in political activates instead of studies are so much afraid and disappointed about their child life and future. 
5- Speaking against this issue I would say that if this political culture will continue in our educational institutions then the future of education in our country will In danger, in order to save the future of our upcoming generations, we will eliminate political culture from our educational institutions. 
Racism in Pakistan: 
1- I strongly condemn racism in Pakistan. 
2- I totally disagree as the racism destroying the whole nation. 
3- I oppose the racism as Pakistan was achieved where everyone can live without discrimination of any race. 
4- The racism is not lawful as it is prohibited in Islam. 
5- In short racisn forces to think as the hatred of one person by another — or the belief that another person is less than human 
1- Being a Muslim, I would strongly disagree about the  
2- Against co-education I would justify that during puberty, both might be not stay together. 
3- Education is a right of both boys and girls. However, they are different in the way they learn, and they have different interests and strengths, that's why I prefer to send the children to a single- school than to a co-educational one. 
4- Especially in the current scenario of free and open media and becoming early mature, it cannot be trusted on co-education. 
5- Mover, co-education is against the law of natural history. Girls and boys are temperamentally unusual from each other. 
In Unit 3, you have read about expressing agreements and disagreements. Listen to the recorded text 13 and then make a list of those statements which express strong agreement and strong disagreement.                                                           (10) 
Strong agreement: 
1- You're completely right that desertification is increasing. 
2- Yes there's some truth in the fact that at times the target of forestation is not what we predict. 
3- Absolutely! Desertification has become the greatest threat 
Strong disagreement: 
1- This is an absolutely incorrect statement. 
2- Rubbish! These're just rumours. 
3- Oh come on! You see changes everywhere. You must be joking. Q.7
 Unit 4 Section A is about expressing possibility and impossibility of doing something in different situations and with different degrees. We want you to write about 15 such sentences showing possibility using might, may, could, etc. and impossibility using might not, doubtfully, unlikely, uncertain, etc.                                (15) 
1-Your purse might be in the living room. (Possibility) 
2-Cheryl may be at home, or perhaps at work, possibility 
3- Extreme rain could cause the river to flood the city, possibility 
4- You can be sure everyone clear about what had happened. 
5- It's more than likely that they will change the exam rules next year. 6-He could be better. 
7- I expect that you are tired from the trip. 
8-It is possible that he has already gone. 
9-It might not be possible to have a safe and smooth journey. (Impossibility) 
10-The painting is doubtfully ascribed to Picasso. 
11- A big city seems like an unlikely place to find wildlife. 
 12-The time of departure is still uncertain. 
13-I don't think he would join us on dinner. 
14-Akram is not likely to visit my home. 
15- Javed may not be upset. Perhaps he is tired. 
In Unit 4, Section B Modal Verbs are explained. You have to understand the concept of modal verbs for expressing the ability of/ inability of doing some work, necessary or obligatory action, possible or impossible situation. Make ten sentences using Modal verbs. (10) 
I. He can speak Chinese. 
2-She should be here by 9:00. 
3-He should not be late. 
4-They might not come to the party. 
5-It's snowing, so it must be very cold outside. 
6-I don't know where John is. He could have missed the train. 
7-This bill can't be right. £200 for two cups of coffee! 
8-She can speak six languages. 
9- My grandfather could play golf very well. 
10-I can't drive. 
11-Children must do their homework. 
12-We have to wear a uniform at work. 
13-You should stop smoking. 
14-John will always be late! 
15- You must stop when the traffic lights turn red 
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