Life in a College Hostel 

Hostel life makes a student regular in studies and games. The time for studies and games in usually fixed, and their teachers or supervisors watch the students. The atmosphere of a good hostel  is such that it makes a student interested in his regular activities. He likes to move ahead and to do better than others.
 If he falls behind the brighter students, the teacher can help him to improve himself. Thus he find himself engaged in a happy competition. Not only in studies and sports, in other matters like student management of the hostel dining hall, library, common room, indoor games and debating and other clubs he can work and gain valuable experience.
 In any case, a student learns to live independently in a hostel. He cannot get his parents' or elders' help as he can at home in practically every matter. Sometimes he has to take decisions independently. For example, whether to go op a trip organized by the college .or to participate (take part) in a college function. 
He chooses his friends and companions himself and decides what he may do in his free time. Later, in practical life, he can adjust himself to changing conditions and circumstances rather easily. In a hostel, a student learns to co-operate. 
In various different matters like cleaning the rooms and corridors, getting the clothes washed or providing facilities to some guests from another college or for new students in the hostel he helps other and gets help in return. Hostel life, in this sense, is corporate or group life in which the problems of one are, on many occasions, the problems of all. 
The Pleasure and enjoyments of hostel life are many. We can have friends to our liking. We can play different games in the college lawns or in the common room. We get the greatest enjoyment of life in the company, of students like us, learning, playing, working and eating together. 
Without the experiences of hostel life, in our opinion the life of a student remains incomplete in several ways. At times the students in hostels feel homesick- and wish to be with their parents and relations. It is natural for them to miss the atmosphere and comforts of the home where they were born. 
But then the for them to miss the atmosphere and comforts of the home where they were born. But then the pleasure and  activities of  hostel life remove much of the home sickness.A student remember his hostle life forever. His experience there bring him rich rewards in partial life.

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