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Compulsory English



                     ALLMA IQBAL OPEN UNIVERSITY 

Level BA/BS               Code : 1423          Semester spring 2009
Paper Compulsory English 1                     Maximum marks :100
 Time allowed :3 hours                              Pass marks :40
Here is a list of functions. Write one sentence each to express five of the following functions.
 (a). Expressing appreciation. 
(b). Expressing regret
(c). Expressing indifference.
(d) Giving suggestions
(e) Expressing disagreement 
(f) Accepting invitation
(g) Granting permission
Read the job advertisements given below and then write a job application for any one of the given posts
Situation Vacant: Maths Teacher Required 
Qualification: M.Sc in Maths 
Required Experience: Minimum two years experience.
 Send your applications to
        P.O Box 467 Karachi. 
Situation Vacant: Call Center Representative
 Required Qualification: FA/BA, 
fluency in English language is must. 
Required Experience: Minimum one year experience.
 Send Your applications to 
Change the following active voice sentences into passive voice sentences. (Attempt any Five) .
(a) Boys like to play Football, 
(b). They have painted the room blue.
 (c). He has given me the booklet. 
(d) They were singing a song. 
(e). The mechanic is repairing a bike 
(f) Naseema wrote her a letter, 
(g) We have lost our keys.                (15) 
 There arc two situations given below. Please select any one of the situations and write an informal letter, . You have lost your job and now seeking help from your old friend in finding a job. 
                                               OR .
 Inviting your friend to your sister's wedding ceremony (10)
Finish the sentences by changing direct speech into indirect speech (Attempt any Five). 
(a) Umar "Clean the blue bike!"  
     Umar told me ……………. 
(b) Teacher: “Don’t forget your homework!” 
     The teacher reminded me ………… 
(c) Mrs. Akram: “My mother will be 50 years old." 
     Mrs. Akram told me that………….. 
(d) Alccno: “I spent all my pocket money on Monday." 
      Alcoo complained that ……….. 
(e) Aleena complained that Hina: "I was writing a letter   
      Hina told me that …………. 
(f) Lubna: "Teena went to the stadium an hour ago.” 
      Lubna said that ........................
Q.No.6                                                                           (10) 
    Make appropriate questions by using what,where,why,when,
    How in the gaps (Attempt any five)
(a) ………..do you like the best? 
(b) ………...do they go bazaar to every week? 
© ...............  is Aysha’s birthday. 
(d)………. ..hobbies dues Farzana have? 
(e) ………  does Ajmal gets up early in the morning? 
(f) ………   old is Asma? 
(g) ………. Are you coming to our home? . 
Write down an informative paragraph of approximately 50 words on one of the following topics. 
(a). Cleanlincss,(b). Uses and abuses of telephones (c)Benefits of   
       Science, (d). Pollution. . 
Fill in the blanks in the following sentences by using Past form of the verbs given in the brackets. (Attempt any five) 
(a) Zara………. In behaviour.(dislike) 
 (b) He………..France last month (visit).
 © He…….. on drycleaning machine (work) 
(d). They clothes for the dinner (choose). 
(e) The Police…….the mob (control). 
(f) The teache……..many questions from the class (ask). 
(g) The hunter ……….. the birds in the forest (shoot). 
Read the following passage and then answer the questions that follow: Education is not the end, but a means to an end. In other words we do not educate our children only for the purpose of educating them; our purpose is to fit them for their lives. As soon as we realize this fact we will understand that it is very important to choose a system of education, which will really prepare children for life. It is not enough to choose the first system of education one finds; or to continue with one’s old system of education without examining to sec whether it is in fact suitable or not In many modem countries, it has sometime been fashionable to think that by free education for all-whcthcr rich or poor, clever or stupid-one can solve all the problems of society and build a perfect nation. But we can already see that free education for all is not enough: we find in such countries a far larger number of people with university degrees than there arc jobs for them to fill. Because of their degrees, they refuse to do what they think “low" work and in fact, work with hands is thought to be dirty and shameful in such countries. In fact when wc say that all of us must be educated to fit us for life, it means that we must be educated in such a way that firstly, each of us can do whatever job is suited to our brain and ability and secondly that we can realize that all jobs arc necessary to society, and that it is very sad to be ashamed of one’s work. Only such type of education can be valuable to society. 
(a) How docs the writer define education? (1.5) 
 (b) Why it is important to choose a system of education? (1.5) 
 © Why free education for all is not enough? (1.5) 
(d) What according to the writer is the purpose of education? (1.5) (e) What type of education is valuable to society? (1.5) 
(f) Give a suitable title to the passage. (1.5) 
(g) Write down a short summary of the passage in no more then 10-15 words (05)

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