Social service 

social service

(1) Modern state 
(2) social welfare department 
(3) social-service organizations
(4)  Adverse  circumstances
(5) National organizations
(6) Welfare of women
(7) Nightingale-spirit
Modern society has a very complex character. The business of government, too is complex affair.So it is very difficult to define the relationship between the individual and the state.This problem has been the deep concern of the political thinkers and social reformers. All agree that a modern state should be a welfare state.
 The citizens should be provided with all possible facilities respectable life. In most of the modern countries, there is an exclusive social welfare department which deals with the business of social welfare. In our  country too, this department exists both in the centre and province. But there is a limit to the activities and influence the governing department, the main obstacle being shortage of funds.
 Keeping in view the need of social welfare the existence of private social-service organizations becomes clear. These services are voluntary. Social service as said before means service done to the society voluntarily. Its basis is a feeling of sympathy and humanness. Certain sensitive people feel that there are a number of people around them who struggle against hard of life and often remain unhappy. They contribute and collect funds and help the needy in many ways. 
This is an attempt to relieve people from suffering all alone. The helping hand of the social-service people brings relief to many a helpless men. Imagine the condition of a lonely man without any friends or supporters. He is crushed under the weight of misfortune But when a stranger a helping hand to him, and alleviates his suffering he finds some attraction in life.. 
The need of social service becomes still more important we know that the individual has to fight harder than before against adverse  circumstances. Sometimes he lives with bare necessities of life and needs some comforts. This can be provided in many ways by the social service organizations. We can discuss the different forms of social service to show its need and importance. The standard of living in our country is not very high. 
There are people who live in very bad hygienic conditions. Their income is poor with which they have to support big families. The result is that diseases attack these poor people with great force. They are the favourite victims of T.B., malaria and epidemics Being poor, they cannot get good medical facilities. The government's dispensaries cannot meet fully all the demands. 
It is at this stage that the importance of social service is understood. Some charitable organizations of wealthy persons run dispensaries which give the people free medical aid. The needy people are given medicine and prescriptions . There are many people who have no facilities of entertainment. There is dearth of parks and playing grounds. Some parks and playing grounds are not worthy to be used The social welfare organizations to make the parks and playing grounds attractive. 
Particularly,things of children's interest are provided. For the sober and mature people local libraries are run without demanding any membership fee. Some social service is done by some national organizations.A lot of service is done for the welfare of women and children by APWA. 
This organization is devoted to the cause of the welfare of women. Many industrial schools and other educational institutions are run. Similarly there are some important Anjumans that do a lot in the educational field. They run schools and colleges. Not less important are those associations that help the poor and needy students with books and funds. 
These are some of the major forms of social service. It is deeply rooted in our tradition. The Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) laid great stress upon social service. He urged his followers to do anything possible for the welfare of their brethren. This practice was accepted in all ages.
 Even in the Western countries, the social service is looked upon with respect and admiration. As we are passing through a transitionary period of progress, so the need of social service is very great. A nightingale-spirit is required to become a social worker.

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