1- Electricity and its uses 
2- Conquered death and diseases 
3- Comfortable transportation 
4- Advanced Methods of 
6- Modern Technology 
7- Atomic Energy 
8- Education and entertainment 
9- Agriculture and industry 
10- Conclusion 
Twentieth one century is the age of science. Science has progressed by leaps and bounds .It has brought about many revolutions in the life of a man. Rather, science has changed the life and living of a man.
 It has transformed the face of earth, science has bestowed upon humanity great and far reaching invention and discoveries . Nay it has blessed mankind with such instruments and contrivances as has earned the name of wonderful phenomenon for science. The wonders of science are too many to be enumerated still some wonders need mentioning The growth and advancement of science is really a vast subjet.
 One of the most useful Inventions of science is electricity. It serves us in variety of ways. It is our house-maid which works so many machines in our homes to make our lives comfortable . It also serves us in factories and hospitals. Electric trains carry goods and passengers from one place to another. It lights our houses factories and hospitals enable us to work for progress even at night. Life in the past was very uncertain. 
Epidemics and fatal diseases claimed countless lives. But we have controlled these epidemics and diseases with the help of science has done great in the field of medicine In the field of surgery science has worked wonder. Latest machines and techniques help doctor diagnosing diseases and prescribing medicines. X-rays and laser rays and wonderful service in the treatment of disease. In the field of transport the advancement of science is amazing The names like electric trains, aeroplanes and ships are well known to a layman.
 The Gadgets which go by the name of rockets and Sputniks missiles and jets have shortened the world because their tramendous speed in one day we can visit many cities of the world. Distance and time have ceased to hold any barriein this age of science and technology. Science has also revolutionised the method of communication. Quick delivery of letters, parcles, telegrams etc. are all due to science. 
Telephone telex and fax etc. are the quickest means of communcation. These inventions have brought the people of the world closes together. Teleprintes, printing machiens and computers have brought about revolution in the field of education. Science has glorifiedmachines. It has increased the efficiency, thought this has led to some unemployment conditions. The use of tractor, agricultural instruments, chemical and insecticides have increased the average out put.
 Science have greatly benefited by the use of science in the field of education and entertainments. Modern, computerised facilitiesof composing, processing printing and binding books have enabled the writers and publishers to bring out books at a far fastest speed and in a large number, Television, Radio, Tape Recorder, V.C.R and different kinds projectors provide entertainment of the highest degree on one hand and play their vital role in education on the other. 
Atomic energy is one of the most wonderful blessings of science .This energy not only promises to satisfy the immense needs of this energy hunger-civilizaiton but can work miracles because it is many times more powerful than electricity. 
Atomic energy can run mills factories and great industrial and technological establishment and atomic explosion can also be used for leveling mountains and digging canals. Science is doing no less service m the field of agriculture. It is helping us in growing more and more edible. 
Our farmers have thrown away the old plough. They are now using modern machinery in fields. On the whole the wonders of science are countless. Science has taught us to swing like fish in water and to fly like a birds in air.
 It has provided more comforts and facilities to man like telephone television fans and air conditioned buildings. Science can be used to dominate poverty to clean slums, to increase production as well as factories and for other constructive purposes. All these are, as a matter of fact, the wonder of science.

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