In the street of the fruit stall (poem) with explaination

This poem is written by Jon Stallworthy

About Author (Jon Stallworthy)

Jon stallworthy





  Jon Stallworthy was born on 18 January 1935 in London.His paremts moved from Newzealand to London.His grand father John stallworthy was also a great poet. He admitted in Dragon school and then Rugby school in his childhood.For higher education he admitted in Oxford university.He was very intelligent student and got prizes in oxford university. 
He is a great writer.He was professor of English in Oxford University. His style of teaching is very good. He is most popular teacher among his students. He began to write poems when he was only seven years old . 
He not only wrote many beautiful poems but also biographies of famous people like Wilfred owen and Lious Macneice.He Published seven volumes of poetry." A familiar tree "is a beautiful book. It is collection of many pretty poems of  jon.

  In the street of the fruit stall (poem)

Wicks balance flame, a dark dew falls
 In the street of the fruit stalls,
 Melone, guava, mandarin,
Pyramid-piled like cannon balls,
 Glow red-hot, gold-hot, from within.

Dark children with a coin to spend,
 Enter the lantern’s orbit; find Melon, guava, mandarin,
The moon compacted to a rind,
The sun in a pitted skin,
They take it, break it open, let.

A gold or silver fountain wet,
Mouth, fingers, cheek , nose chin,
 Radiant as lanterns, they forget,
The dark street I am standing in.

Explaination of poem (In the street of the fruit stall )

This is a symbolic poem. The poet highlights the major threats of war, misery and poverty to the world. He also mentions the innocence of children. He wants to show that even the threats of war, misery and poverty cannot crush the human joys, love and innocence. 
The children enjoy the sweet juice of fruit being unaware of the dark picture of the world.This poem highlights the threats of war, misery and poverty to the world. The poet depicts the scene of a fruit street. Candles are burning and a dark dew falls there. Many fruits like guava, melon and mandarin are lying there in the form of pyramids. They look like heaps of cannon balls. They reflect golden and red colour. The poet actually creates a scene of war. The fruit stalls reflect different kinds of weapon. 
He points towards the threat of war. The words like "burning candles" and "dark dew" create mysterious atmosphere.The sun in a pitted skin.The poet depicts the scene of a fruit street. Melon, guava and mandarin are lying in conical forms. Innocent children enjoy the flavour of fruits without caring anything around them. This poem tell us about few children. They are poor and have only one coin to spend. They want to take melon, guava and mandarin. The sun has already set in and the moon is reduced to an arc. The children reflect innocence, misery and poverty at the same time. The natural objects like sun and moon also reflect a gloomy effect. The poet brings to light the two major human sufferings of misery and poverty.

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