To The Cuckoo ( Poem with explaibation)

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William Wordsworth (poet)  
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To The Cuckoo (Poem)

 O BLITHE New-comer! I have heard, 
I hear thee and rejoice. 
O Cuckoo! Shall I call thee Bird,
 Or but a wandering Voice? 

 While I am lying on the grass 
Thy twofold shout I hear, 
From hill to hill it seems to pass,
 At once far off, and near. 

Though babbling only to the Vale, 
Of Sunshine and of flowers,
 Thou bringest unto me a tale 
Of visionary hours.Thrice welcome,

darling of the Spring!
 Even yet thou art to me 
No bird, but an invisible thing, 
A voice, a mystery; 

The same whom in my school-boy days
 I listened to; that Cry 
Which made me look a thousand ways
 In bush, and tree, and sky.

 To seek thee did I often rove 
Through woods and on the green;
 And thou wert still a hope, a love; 
Still longed for, never seen.

 And I can listen to thee yet;
 Can lie upon the plain 
And listen, till I do beget 
That golden time again.

 O blessed Bird! the earth we pace
 Again appears to be
 An unsubstantial, faery place; 
That is fit home for Thee! 
‘To The Cuckoo"

 Explaination (To The Cuckoo )

‘To The Cuckoo" by Wordsworth is a poem of joy and happy memories. The little song bird, cuckoo, comes to England in early spring. Wordsworth hears the two fold shout of the cuckoo and looks around but the bird is nowhere to be seen. He rejoices to hear the old familiar cry of joy that passes from hill to hill. It casts a spell over him and he is back in his childhood. It was the period of joy, wonder and innocence. 
 In those days the song of the cuckoo fascinated him .He wandered through greens and woods to catch a glimpse of the bird .He looked for the cuckoo in trees, bushes and in the open skies. But it was never seen by the poet. Even now,when he is hearing it talk to the valley, tie cannot see it .He wonders whether this is a real bird or only a wandering voice.
This wandering voice still makes him forget everything and enter the world of imagination. The everyday world turns,into a fairyland , and he becomes a child once again full of joy and wonder .
 This poem is an address of welcome to the cuckoo which comes to England in Spring. 
The song of the bird brings to the mind of the poet the memories’ of childhood. When he was a boy be heard the cry of the cuckoo but he could never see it. It seemed to him invisible. In these lines the poet calls the cuckoo a fortunate bird because he loves to listen to its song. When he was a boy, the earth seemed to him unreal. Now when he is grown up, the earth once again appears to him as unreal. This unreal earth, the poet says, is a proper place for the invisible bird to live on.

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  1. How does the earth appear to the poet after hearing the cuckoo's voice ?

  2. As Willian hears cuckoo's voice, the earth seemed to be unreal for him. He felt that the earth is a unsubstantial place with both divine and evil forces. Yet, he holds the opinion that tye earth is a suitable place for the cuckoo to live.