The last decode has seen the rise of many new technologies. One of the most important of these developments in the Internet. We use the Internet from simple sending of e-mail to finding large volumes of information. The Internet is a huge global network of computers. It compsises millions of interconnected networks. It was developed in the 1970's in the US. 


It was used by universities exchange of research data in early times, The Internet is a data communication system. Now millions of people world wide use the Internet to share imformation and communicate with each other.
 The most important facts about the internet are that it contains a wealth of information that can be sent across the world instantly It has ability to send and receive massages, letters, documents, pictures video and sound easily. Buisnessmen have found new uses of the internet. It is called E-commerce (electronic commerce) for short. 
It consists in carrying out financial transactions money matters. Its most important form is online shopping. Buisness create almost of market place on the Internet. The customers can relect goods and place orders. It provides them a faster, more efficient and cheaper wasy to serve customers. 
The information from Internet opens up minds and unites people in different parts of the world. If anyone want to say something to the people they can place their ideas on it and can be heard by the world. Where every field is going to get advantage from it. Internet has also revoulionized the field of education. Online education is another most important contribution of it. 
It provides many options for teaching, learning and knowledge building. A student can get every information about any subject, any language, any research and any field of teaching. It is a great source of information about any aspect of education. It wideness up the world of student as well as teacher. 
It broadens the mind with educational programmes for all. Almost in all institutions which are aiming at to give education alongwith technology to the students and explore the world, the tut run Publications Interne, is being used these.
 It helps the students to get more proper oppertunities get education according to their aptitude They can take admission in recognized universities of the world from where ever they may be However, there are disadvantages as well. People stay on line for many house and neglect their work, family and social lives. 
The students are mostly effected by it. They turn away from their proper studies. Its use must be heltpful not be harmful. Another problem is that those people who have skill to capture over the Internet. They steal, cheat or misuse the confidential information. They use viruses to destroy vast amount of stored data. The question is not whether Internet is bad or good from any point of view but the fact is that no doubt, It is really a great power of sources go forward but it depends upon us whether we make healty use of it or not. 
 Internet is also being used for higher education, commerce and science. 
Our students have been interest to use it. There are many intellectual students who are making proper use of it and enhancing the dignity of our country. The use of Internet in education is less than other countries due to shortage of trained teachers and lack provision of labortaries.

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