A Visit to a Hospital 
1- Heat stroke 
2-Pitiable condition of patients 
3-50 beds with patients 
4- Sympathy and kindness 
5- Horrible scenes 
6- Gloomy mood 
7- Prayed for the recovery 
Last month my mother suffered a heat stroke and she was rushed to the hospital. For the next ten days my sister and I attended on her day and night. I saw there many things. I saw the pitiable condition of patients in the ward. 
Many of them were seriously ill. Some of them were admitted for the operations of eyes, others for the operations of stomachs and still others for other ailments. There were 50 beds with patients either lying or reclining. Some patients were Moaning miserably. Their condition was critical. Some refused to take their medicines They became unreasonable. 
But doctors and nurses were not angry with them. They gave them sympathy and kindness. An old woman was in a bad condition. She expired after an hour. After a number of hospital formalities her dead body was handed over to her relatives. 
They were weeping bitterly Ailing children were crying. Their mothers were walking restlessly The sight of crying children was unbearable. 
There were many Horrible scenes in the hospital. Even innocent children had to undergo unimaginable sufferings. One of the children was admitted with a fractured leg and broken jaws Some unconscious patients were carried to the emergency ward. Some boys were brought with fractured bones. 
A profusely bleeding woman was being taken to the casualty ward.A young boy was brought to the operation theatre. He was injured in a road side accident. We saw blood pools here and there in the emergency ward. 
There were some bandaged patients who were crying with pains.The sight of suffering was unbearable. I returned home with gloomy mood. I could not relish a single morsel of food. I was robbed of my sleep. I prayed for the recovery of patients.

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