1- Gift of God
2-Qualities of good friend
3-  Means
4- selfish people
5- Heaven


Friendship is a priceless gift. That can not be bought or sold. But its value is for greater. Than a mountain made of gold. So when you ask God for a gift. Be thanful if He sends Not diamonds, Pearls, or riches, But the love of real true friends. Friendship is one of the blessings of Allah. Friendship is the finest expression. (of one man's selfless love and sincere devotion for another.
 It is a great blessing that brings beauty and meaning in one’s life. Man by nature is social and he must live in companionship with his fellows.
 He must trust and love some people who admire ideals and values dear to him. Good friends bring us joy and share our sorrow. They help, guide and inspire they advise, encourage and correct. This is why a man without friends is miserable.
 Friendship means sincerity between two persons whether any relation it may be. It is unlimited. Sincerity, selflessness and purity are its pillars. 
A good friend always stands by with his friend. He helps him through thick and thin . He is a queer man. His oddities grow more strong and fixed, for his too much absosbed in him self. He has no friends who by their sympathy and suggestion remove the rough spots of his character. 
He becomes one sided and selfish Good friends are necessary for the development of one’s personality . In this frustrated century when every man in bussies to live for himself we are in need to make friends who share our sorrows and problems. We must have trustworthy prelation with a person who can be proved a real strength for us.
 Friendship is also needed at countries level. It is the age of science, Atomic energy and nuclear power. If at countries level we have friendship many problems can be solved at negotiating table and war will be questioned out. Friendship is indeed a pleasure at any level. 
At this time when there is rush of selfish people a man is richest if he has one sincere friend with him. our good words and kind deeds can win sincere friends for us and may heal the broken hearts Friendship with our neighbouring countries like Iran, China, Turki and we are trying to develop friendship with our nearby country India. A good friend always in need is a friend indeed. We must develop qualities of good friend in our selves because we can also be good friends of others. Friendship is a relationship of Heaven.

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