Good Manners  

We should  be kind and gentle towards our relatives. Among relatives are included parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents, uncles and aunts.
 The people who live close to our house are called our neighbours. Islam tells us to treat our neighbours kindly. If a neighbour asks for help, try to help him. When he is ill, visit him to ask about his welfare. If he is successful, congratulate him. If he is in trouble console him. 
If he does wrong, forgive him. Send him some of the food you prepare for yourself. Also send him some of the fruits purchased for yourself.
 We should treat our friends with love and affection. We should respect them and co-operate with them. We should also try to have good and well-behaved friends. 
We should be careful that whatever we speak is true. Allah does not like people who lie. Speaking the truth is a very good habit. If a person always speaks the truth, he saves himself from a lot of trouble. The Holy Prophet(pbuh) told the people not to tell lies even as a joke. 
A liar is hated and shunned by everyone. No one will have confidence in him. No one would believe him even if he spoke the truth. On the other hand, a truthful man is respected by everyone around him. If you always speak the truth, you can be a good person.
A Human should not harm or hurt other people. He should try to help them in whatever way he can.  God considers the good that we do to others as done to Himself. He will reward us for it.  There are may people who do not have food to eat or clothes to wear. 
We can help them by giving them food and clothes. We can also help them by giving them money to buy these things.  When a Muslim makes a promise, he should fulfill it even if he has to make sacrifices. Keeping a promise is a form of honesty. It is a very noble quality.
 Islam considers it as one of the qualities of true believers. The Quran and the Holy Prophet(pbuh) also stressed upon Muslims the importance of fulfilling promises. Breaking a promise is a form of falsehood. The Holy Prophet(pbuh) hated it and described it as a sign of the hypocrites.
 We should try to fulfill all our promises. It is a very bad habit to take other people’s things without permission or to keep things that others have lost. This is called stealing. At school or at home or anywhere if you find something that does not belong to you, do not keep it but give it to an elder or your teacher. 
 Backbiting is to speak ill of people when they are not present. Islam commands us not to hurt people’s feelings by passing unkind remarks about them when they are present. It is much worse when we talk ill of them when they are not present. The Quran says that a person who backbites is like one who has eaten the flesh of his dead brother.
 No one can even think of eating human flesh, let alone the flesh of a dead brother. A good Muslim therefore does not backbite. Taking permission before using people’s things It is wrong to use things that belong to other people without first taking permission. 
Therefore, before we want to use other people’s things, we should ask their permission. If they allow us, then we can borrow their things.
 As soon as our work is done, they should be returned to their owners. Care should be taken that we do not spoil their things. How to talk There are many people who keep on talking, never giving others a chance to speak. 
 It is also bad manners to interrupt people when they are talking unless it is very necessary to do so. It is better to wait till they finish what they want to say. 
 Always wash your hands before you start to eat. Always eat and drink with your right hand. 
Sit properly while eating and do not recline. Begin your meal with Do not eat or drink too quickly. Do not eat or drink so much that nothing is left for others. Eat from what is near you. Even if you do not like what is being served, eat a little of it to show thanks to Allah for giving you food to eat.
 Do not breathe into the glass or cup while drinking from it. Thank Allah after you have finished your meal. Wash your hands after you finish eating. Earning by hard work To earn a living by hard work is an obligation laid down by Islam. Muslims are not allowed to earn their living in any way they like. 
They have to follow the rules laid down by Islam. Islam has given much importance to earning by hard work. The Holy Prophet (pbuh) told the people that after they perform their morning prayers, they should not go back to sleep. 
They should go out in search of work to earn a living. Islam dislikes idleness and inactivity. A Muslim is not permitted to live on charity if he is capable of earning his living.The Holy Prophet (pbuh) preferred the earning of livelihood through hard work and labour. He himself worked first as a shepherd and then as a trader to earn his living. He disliked begging and laziness. He said that it is better that a person should cut wood and sell it rather than beg from people. The following are the sayings of the Holy Prophet(pbuh) about hard work. “No one eats better food than that which he earns from the work of his own hands. ’’ “Allah is pleased with the person who goes to sleep at night tired from his efforts to earn lawful bread. ” A Human  should earn his living by hard work and lawful means.

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