A letter to the editor of a newspaper about the corruption in Examinations.

 Examination Hall, 
City A.B.C.
 March 1, 2014. 
The Editor,
News paper,
Through the columns of your esteemed paper, I want to invite the attention of the public and concerning authorities to the corruption in exams. It is heart rending fact that in our country examination centres-are being sold and bought. The papers are solved even outside the examination hall. "Booti Mafia" has full control over this examination network.
 It gets appointed the staff of its own choice and uses shameful ways to extract money from candidates. This tendency has ruined our whole education system. 
Because of malpractices committed at all levels of examinations the worth of degrees awarded by our institution has become doubtful. The government must take some measures to crush this corruption.
Your's sincerely

 A letter to a newspaper about the problem of beggary in your city. Examination Hall.

City A.B.C. 
March 15. 2014. 
The Editor, 
News paper.
Through the columns of your esteemed paper I want to invite the attention of the authorities to the problem of beggary in our city. Recently, the number of beggars in our city has increased manifold. The moment you come out of your home, they start plaguing you. They pursue you like a shadow.

 Even hale and hearty people have taken to begging. Small boys and children have caught the infection. Perhaps they are made to beg by their guardians.
 The beggars have made their gangs. Sometimes they do serious crimes in different parts of the city. Some child-lifters, in the guise of beggars, are on the look out for abducting. 
The female beggars enter the houses quietly without calling out for alms at the door. If they are not noticed by the inmates, they run away with whatever they can lay hands on. The government should check this social evil as early as possible. 
Yours's scincerely 

 A letter to the editor of a newspaper making an appeal to the readers to help the victims of flood. 

Examination Hall, 
City A.B. C. 
May 21, 2014. 
The Editor 
The Frontier Post, Lahore. . 
The recent floods have rendered thousands of people homeless. They have lost all they had. Most of them had no other source of income except the land they cultivated. They are now lying in camps in a miserable condition. They have no place to go and no means of livelihood.


Through the columns of your esteemed paper, I request the readers to contribute as much as they can towards the Relief Fund started by the government. We must thank God that we are safe. So we should be helpful to them. If we do not help them in their misery, who would? 
Every one of us should send at least a day’s income to the Relief Fund. Let them not think for a moment that they are being neglected in their hour of need. They are our brethren and let us give the proof of our brotherhood by helping them. It is a passing phase and they will look after, themselves when rehabilitated. 
Yours truly, 
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