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 Ninth Lahore Board 2010                        English (Compulsory) Paper: I (Objective Type)                                 Time: 20 Minutes Max.Marks:19                         Group-II

Fill in (he blanks with suitable forms of verb:                5 
(i). The dog………..at night. (bark) 
(ii) lt……….since morning (rain) 
(iii) Let it be……….. (do) 
(iv) Ali ……..to school daily. (go) 
(v) Who has………his house? (see) 
Complete the following words by providing missing letter:
(i) kin…….. ness (ii) a…..azement.(iii) sno…….(iv) ……omfort 
(v) br……eze 
Tick (/) mark the correct sentence                              5 
(a) You are not faithful. 
(b) Not faithful you are. 
(c) Fithful not you are. 
(d) You are faithful not. 
(a) How are tall trees those? 
(b) How are tall those trees? 
© How are those trees tall? 
(d) How tall are those trees? 
(a) 1n play hockey they in evening. 
(b) The hockcy in evening play they. 
© They play hockey in the evening. 
(d) They play hockey in the evening. 
 (a) 1 had not taken tea. 
(b) Taken tea 1 bad not. 
© Tea had taken not 1. 
(d) had taken I not tea? 
(a) Home dear my is Pakistan. 
(b) Pakistan is my dear home. 
© Pakistan my dear is home. 
(d) Pakistan home dear is my. 
Read these sentences carefully and write T/F in the box 
      against   each sentence:                                                  4 
(i) ‘Inland'’ means not in the country. 
(ii) Bees do not live in groups. 
([iii) The workers bees sit idle. 
(iv) Doctors fly aeroplanes. 

                           Ninth Lahore Board 2009 

English (Compulsory) Paper: I                         (Subjective Type) 
Time: 2.10 Hours                                           Max..Marks: 56 ' 
                                      (Group - II) 
Note:., All questions are to he attempted on the answer book.  
                                        Section - I 
Write any FIVE of the following questions:                   10 
(i) What was the park like in 1992. 
(ii) When does Chinese new year start? 
(iii) Who makes the grass and tree grow? 
 (iv) Why have women become socially and politically aware? 
(v) Where did the master send the prince? 
(vi) Why should we be kind to animals ancf birds? 
(vii) What did Abou Ben Adhem ask the angel? 
(viii) Who is a reformer? 
                                     Section - II 
Translate the following paragraph into urdu :               7 
Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) admired the valour and bravery of Hazrat Khalid bin Waited (R.A.) and gave him the title of “Saifullah" (Sword of Allah). After the death of Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.) the first Khalifah Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.A.) appointed Hazrat Khialid bin Wa|ed (R.A.) to command the Muslim army. 
Rewrite the above paragraph into simple English
Write down the summary of the poem “Daffodils’'. ? 
Paraphrase the following stanza into simple English: 
For God is by when I pray. 
And when I close mine eyes in sleep, 
I know that He will with me stay, 
And will all night watch by me keep. 
Use any FIVE of the following words/ idioms in your own sentences:                                                                  5 
run over, opponent , festival . prosperous . scrap off, bloom . 
dignity. increase .
Write a letter to your mother who is worried about your health.                                     OR 
Write a story with the moral result All that glitters is not gold’’
Write a dialogue between two brothers regarding school rules
Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given at the end:                                                    10 
There lived a monkey in a forest. One day he was going about in search of food as he was very hungry.At last, he entered the house of a farmer. There was nobody in the house. The monkey- found a' hard vessel with a narrow opening. He put his hand into it. It had grains in it. He took a handful of grains and tried to pull his hand out but he could not with his closed Fist.
 After some time the owner of the house came up. His dog was also with him. The dog fell upon the monkey and lore him to pieces. Thus the monkey met his fate due to his greed. 
Questions: ‘ 
(i) Why did the monkey enter the house of a farmer? 
(ii) What did he find there? 
(iii) What was in the vessel? 
(iv)What did the monkey do? 
(v) Why could' he not pull his hand out of the vessel? 
Translate any FIVE of the following sentences 
       into English:                         5 

Exclusively for candidates whose Medium of Examination is English (Question - 8 Alternative to Urdu Translation) 
Write TEN sentences about “A Picnic"                         15 
Change the voice of the following:                                4 
(i) They are buying this house. 
(ii) She gave me five films. 
(iv)He will write a letter. 
(v) Do it.

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